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Hesillen Reviews [June] Check If It is a Scam or Not?

Hesillen Reviews [June] Check If It is a Scam or Not? -> Read & decide to buy water parks, pergolas, swing sets, and much more from this online store at free shipping, no tax, and cost price.

Do you have a huge backyard and do not know how to set it up for the kids? Read this article and help yourself if you struggle to find an answer to this question.

Whatever we do in a lifetime, we always do it for our kids. Similarly, when we are making a house, we try to make it friendly and as per our children’s needs. Hence, comes the backyard to allow our kids to play while being at home. In the United State, most parents like to buy large and safe toys for their kids. Hesillen com is one of the online stores that work for meeting the unique and regular requirements of kids by offering them intensely and designer swings, pools, and much more. 

With e-commerce websites, the question of legitimacy and authenticity always comes in our minds. To help your decision making, we try to find Hesillen Reviews online and give you essential information regarding the online store. Therefore, it is good to proceed with “what is Hesillen?” question.

What is Hesillen?

Hesillen is an e-commerce website to purchase accessories and inflatable toys for the kids. The product range comprises swing set accessories, pergolas, inflatable water parks, inflatable slides, inflatable bouncers, swing sets, playhouses, and patio items. With these products, you can quickly deflate and store them once your kids are finished with their playtime. It implies you can fill your backyard with mesmerizing and engaging toys, but meanwhile, you can also keep it clean by storing the products properly. The website has SSL certification that secures our payments, personal information, and PayPal details from third-party access and cybercriminals. To know more about the company, you must go through its specifications that are listed below:

Specifications of Hesillen:

  • Website type: Kids inflatable toys and accessories
  • Delivery time: Depends on your location
  • Shipping period: 3-7 working days
  • Shipping charge: Free
  • Return: Applicable 
  • Refund: Applicable within seven working days (including national holidays)
  • Exchange: Not Applicable
  • Order cancellation: Not Applicable
  • Company address: Not Found
  • Contact number: Not Found
  • Email address: service@maingmail.com 
  • Payment mode: PayPal only 

How good is it to shop from Hesillen?

A legit website always has the owner’s information, company address, phone number, and transparent policies. However, Hesillen com does not share information related to the owner, address, contact number, delivery time, and order cancellation. You can easily buy functional swings, playhouses, and inflatable pools under 100 dollars in this online store. Lowest prices and related product listing are good signs. Being 19 days old, we do not find any product reviews or comments from the existing buyers. It leads us to the “confusion-zone” whether you will the products shown in the pictures or not. Let’s find the pros and cons of buying accessories and toys from this online store and decide it is legit or not.

What are the advantages you get while shopping from Hesillen?

  • SSL secure website
  • Organized product and price listing
  • Easy returns
  • Free shipping
  • No tax is involved 

What are the drawbacks you can face while shopping from Hesillen?

  • No owner’s information
  • Company address and phone number information not found
  • Seven days return and refund including national holidays
  • No market credibility and product reviews

What are the market and customer’s views on Hesillen?

22nd May 2020 is the auspicious date on which Hesillen comes into effect for us. This way, the company is only 19 days old and has a hardship journey to take. Regardless of giving free shipping, no tax, and cost price features to us, we do not find feedback on the products or the company. While searching for reviews on every product, we find some existing buyers feel satisfied with the quality and delivery. Some customers claim that the return policy is abrupt because they purchased the products during the festival season and faced with inclusion of national holidays, which made the return impossible. 

Final Outcomes:

Here the reviews  are presenting, If a new launch website has one year long valid SSL certification, then we find some reliability level. Hesillen is one such website, and it gives us relief to know this online store will stick in the market for an elongated period. All the green and red flags are available in this article for you to make a sound decision. Please let us know your feedback on Hesillen once you decide to shop swings, pools, and playhouses for your kids. 

0 thoughts on “Hesillen Reviews [June] Check If It is a Scam or Not?

  1. Hesillen.com is no good!!! I have seny several emails asking where my product is and wanting my $$ back and obviouly no response. They said 3-7 business days to ship and I ordered on June 13th and still NOTHING!

  2. Too good to be true. Every item they sell is $99. They have jumpers that retail $800 for $99. They have water slides that retail $1,500 for $99. And free shipping? As much as I wish it could be true this is impossible.

  3. I ordered a water park slide on 6/20 and still have not received correspondence, responses or the item itself since then. This was to be for a child’s birthday taking place this upcoming weekend and still nothing! Thankfully, I paid through PayPal so they will investigate and possibly return my payment to me.

  4. Hesillen Is a scam. I ordered a water park/bouncy house and the product i got was one pair of black socks. The company is out of China. We tried to go through PayPal to get our money back but PayPal said to deal with the company. I should not have ordered what was to good to be true. Please do not order anything from this website. I am currently breaking down the script code. I will ensure this company does not get anymore business.

      1. Omg I did the same thing and also got a pair of black socks. How is this legal??
        I also tried to email and it came back undelivered
        If anyone knows how to get our money back please share. There has to be something we can do.

  5. I also ordered this and have not received it. I ordered this in June. What the tracking number is invalid and I can’t get ahold of the. I have emailed no response. DONT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY ITS A SCAM

  6. This is a scam. I thank PayPal Sexton llc and any other that supports this sit along with Hesillen should pay us back. I

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