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Hoi4 Javascript Error (Feb 2021) Fix It!

Hoi4 Javascript Error (Feb 2021) Fix It! >> Why are people unable to play the Heart of Iron 4 PC game? How to start the game? – Get all answers in the above writing.  

What is Hoi4 Javascript Error? Why are gaming communities creating gossips about this matter?We all love to play computer games, online multiplayer video games but do we know about JavaScript? Javascript is a language programming system that helps to run any video games on our devices. Without Javascript, no one can able to stream any games.

Currently, folks in the United States address some issues that have occurred with Javascript in the Heart of Iron 4 game.On the internet, people are conversing with each other about this particular matter and determining the reason. 

You have got this problem too! Then know why the issues are occurring.

Hoi4 Javascript Error:

If you are a regular video game streamer, you might also get an error while trying to start the game. As per the players, they got some errors at the time of starting Hoi4- PC games. They continued that whenever they had tried to start the Heart of Iron 4 game, a dialog window popped up showing ‘Javascript Error.’They also specified that other games could be streamed, only Hoi4 showing this pop-up. As per their posts, gamers are completely blanked, guessing the possible reason.

What is the reason behind Hoi4 Javascript Error?

It can happen due to several things; a few common probable reasons are listed below-

  • The program or the settings might have corrupted.
  • The audio and video experience services of quality Windows are deactivated.
  • The games run with administrator permission.

How can we fix it?

In the below section, we are going to provide you common fixation methods that may be helpful for you-

  • Do re-install the game. Yes! Visit the game folder and uninstall it, then re-install it from the app store. 
  • You can manually delete the game’s data by opening window explorer then going into the ‘This PC’ option. Following Hoi4 Javascript Error, you find all game data, right-click on the mouse and delete the entire folder.
  • Run the Windows OS without administrative privileges. Locate the game’s executable program, now enter into the ‘Properties’ option, choose the ‘Compatibility’ tab, un-check the box behind the ‘Run this Program as an Administrator’ option. Select ‘OK.’
  • Another fixing way is by automating service of quality Windows audio-video experience. In the Run dialog box, type- service.msc. A service window will pop up, then fetch ‘Quality windows audio-video experience’; then select properties and choose the automatic option from the dropdown next to the ‘Startup Type’ button to fix Hoi4 Javascript Error.


Heart of Iron 4 is one of the addictive PC war game developed by Paradox Development Studio in 2016; it belongs to the Heart of Iron game series. Like the earlier sequel, it gained positive remarks from critics and video game fanatics. Recently, some error is occurring in this game as dedicated HOI4 players from the United States are enquiring among each other.For our HOI4 enthusiasts, we have given a few tips and tricks to fix this problem. So try those above tricks and tell us if the ‘Hoi4 Javascript Error’ problem is resolved. 

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