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Hopetopsale Scam [May] – Read This Review Before You Buy

Hopetopsale Scam [May] – Read This Review Before You Buy -> This article tells you about the exclusive nature of the website and aspects of the website’s authenticity.

Are you in a mood to buy high-end merchandise online? Well, look no more Hopetosale is right here to serve you.

Sometimes the product pictures that we see online might look genuine at first, but as the old saying goes “Looks can be Deceiving”. Those pictures can be misleading, which reflects on the quality of the product.

In the article, we will discuss at the Hopetopsale Scam that has caught the attention of the people of the United State. Scamming people is a bad thing to do, and it not only decreases your reputation as a company but also jeopardizes the position of others who are affiliated with it.     

According to hopetopsale review, the website claims to serve its customers with high-end products. We will bust this later in the customer feedback and the final verdict section.

Is Hopetosale website a scam?

To buy exclusive items is now becoming a new norm and to serve that purpose, several websites have stepped up their game to meet those demands. But, some websites try to capitalize on this through a scam. 

Thus, it becomes hard for genuine sellers to build a trust level with the customers. Also, the scam websites would have your credit details which can later become a big problem for you. 

So what is Hopetopsale?

It’s an online platform where you can buy high-end exclusive merchandise at just the price of a penny. They claim to be a major retail and wholesale with the business to company (B2C) platform.

They can offer an efficient and manageable procurement route; this covers the supply chain and simplifies every stage of the deal.

They have targeted only the female demographic of the market with exclusive suits, coats, cardigans, sweatshirts, and hoodies. They have a separate section for kids, but it is only limited to girls.

What makes Hopetopsale Unique?

The best thing is that they have limited their market to female gender only. Now, big girls don’t have to worry about sorting out through men section to find the dress they want. 

Watching the pictures, we can say that they look high quality and the price makes it look more loveable. They also provide an option for gift certificates that have their own benefits. Being a  member can get you early access to new arrivals.


  • Websitehttps://www.hopetopsale.com/
  • Email – jamesok789@outlook.com
  • Office Address – 11-1, Building 3, Hongyan Huafu County, Hongsheng Avenue, China 

  • Shipping – 2 to 3 business days and free on orders above 50$
  • Delivery – minimum 5 to 7 business days, it might take longer depending on the customer’s country
  • Return – Must be notified within 24 hours after the delivery
  • Refund – Easy refund in 7 days after receiving the product  
  • Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/envato
  • Twitter –  https://twitter.com/envato
  • LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/company/envato/
  • Mode of payments – PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express

   Benefits of buying from Hopetopsale

  • The facility of buying a gift card, lets the person choose the clothes of their style
  • A clear automatic billing system that can save your time shopping
  • A details information about the merchandise that lets you decide what to choose
  • Good discount price 
  • Contains clothing of all the seasons following latest trends

Cons of buying from Hopetopsale

  • The delivery time takes too long 
  • Does not provide the convenience of cash on delivery
  • Limited  only to female adults and kids
  • Does not have a customer review section which is always a negative
  • The customer has to pay the shipping charges which is non-refundable

Customer Feedback

On conducting quite an extensive research online, we can say that the website is somewhat of a scam. Several third-party websites have given this website a rating of 1%  reliability, which is very low in our dictionary.  

The social media links shared below does not lead to the page we were expecting. It leads to Envato, which is an online platform that contains digital assets like pictures, audiobooks, 3d materials, and several themes for word press. 

Final Verdict 

Because they don’t have any authentic online presence, it can be said it is a scam. Multiple social handle buttons leading to Envato, we can deduce that all the digital assets have been bought from the website.

They might not have anything real to show for. But we advise you to review yourself before making any purchase and sharing your private info on some random website.

0 thoughts on “Hopetopsale Scam [May] – Read This Review Before You Buy

  1. I order from these people took my money no products that I ordered as of yet am out 67.00 it is a real scam got this site from the marketplace on facebook don’t buy from them scam. Audrey Hardy

  2. I ordered Clorox wipes 6-1-2020 and still haven’t received any. They said it would be 2Weeks before delivery. Well it’s June 30 that’s 29 day.

    1. I ordered the same thing and only received an order confirmation and they charged my account showing PayPal but there isn’t anything showing the charge through PayPal.

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