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How to Change the Skin Color of Baby Dolls?

How to Change the Skin Color of Baby Dolls? >> One of the popular trends with baby dolls is to customize them with repainting. One type of customization is the change in the skin color of the baby dolls through repainting. 

You will have to remove the factory paint, then use acrylic paint to repaint the doll according to your style and preferences. Here is a brief guide to get you started on how to change the skin tone of the doll.

How to Change the Skin Color of Baby Dolls? Getting Started

It is always a good idea to get some practice on cheap dolls so you can learn how to remove factory paint and how to use the paintbrush on the doll. It will also allow you to experiment with different colors to achieve the desired skin color for the doll. Once you have practiced a few times, you can get started with the doll that you want to customize.

As a first step in how to color change dolls, you will use acetone to remove the factory paint for the face and body of the doll. Other chemicals can also be used, acetone is effective and efficient for vinyl dolls. 

You can also consider painting on top of the factory paint if your desired skin tone for the doll is similar to the original factory skin tone. Keep in mind that mixing different colors can result in a different color from the original colors.

You will need to apply a paint sealer once you are done repainting. You can pick either matte or gloss finish for the paint sealer. If you think that repainting the doll is a lot of work and you are not able to repaint the doll yourself, you can consider buying color change dolls.

How to Get Good Results with Repainting?

It is a good idea to perform the repainting in a place that has good lighting. Daylight bulbs or low table lamps are going to provide the best type of lighting. Using incandescent light bulbs can provide too much yellow cast now allowing you to get the right color of skin tone. 

It will also help you to use magnification for precise repainting of the doll. A magnifying visor lens can be worn for this purpose. If your repaint job looks good under magnification, then it will look great with the naked eye.

What Supplies Are Needed?

You are going to need good quality paint, a paint sealer, and a paintbrush. To remove the factory paint, you will acetone. If you don’t have cheap dolls to practice with, you might want to get some new cheap dolls for practice. 

When picking the right color for your doll, the difference between expensive and cheap paint will be the amount of filler vs pigment. The expensive paint is likely to last longer and easier to apply.

It can be fun and rewarding to repaint the doll according to your style and preferences. Make sure you have the right type of doll, supplies, and environment to get good results with the repaint job.

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