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[Original Video] Indonesian Girl Viral Video Link: Was The Video Leaked Available on Reddit, TIKTOK, Instagram, YOUTUBE, Telegram, And Twitter? Checkout Details!

The article provides the details of the Indonesian Girl Viral Video Link and the details of the explicit video being talked about recently.

Have you heard of the viral video of the Indonesian girl? Do you know how the video got leaked? People Worldwide are looking forward to the video, and they are eager to find the video online.

Various social media platforms have remained under the scrutiny of people for the Indonesian Girl Viral Video Link. We will talk about the details of the viral video in this article. So, stay tuned to know more.

Disclaimer: The information provided is accurate to its origin, and the news is gathered from authentic sources.

What is the viral video about?

The viral video came to light after a Bangladeshi girl named Ayeshatul came live on her social media account and started roasting one of the influencers because of her rude behaviour. The video went viral, and soon after that, a leaked explicit video of an Indonesian girl went viral, and people thought it was the same girl who roasted the influencer on social media.

Is the viral video Leaked on Reddit?

The roasting video is seen everywhere, but the explicit video is not found on the Reddit platform. We do not know about the viral video, and we cannot share any links here due to the users’ policy violation.

People have not uploaded such videos on the channel due to infringement of rights and policies.

Can the users find the video on YOUTUBE?

It would be silly to think that the video is available on YouTube. News related to the incident is provided on the channel.

People’s reaction on Instagram after the video leak

Social media have become a hub for all kinds of news and information. Some videos are worth watching, while others are under the explicit category. People are furious to know about such videos trending online, and they are demanding to take down such videos which are unsuitable for users to watch.

Video viral on Twitter

We have not found any video link on Twitter, but people are incredibly eager to know the complete details of the video. They have been searched on Twitter since the leak of the video. Some users shared it on their accounts, but we have not found them, so we suspect that the authorities have taken it down.

Is there any video clip on TIKTOK?

People have not reported any viral video leak on TikTok since the sensitive video of the Indonesian girl leaked online. Therefore, we cannot say much about the TikTok leak as we have not seen any such videos online. Also, most people only support such videos and report them after their circulation.

Can the users get the video link on Telegram?

People have yet to see the Telegram video, as some eagerly await the full link. However, the Indonesian girl has become the topic of discussion; hence, she is searched by people online on all channels.

Social media links





People are confused between the Indonesian girl to the Bangladeshi girl, Ayeshatul. But they are entirely different. The viral Indonesian girl has posted explicit content, and the video details are provided online. What are your views on the news? Comment below.

Indonesian Girl Viral Video Link-FAQs

Q1. Who is the viral Indonesian girl?

The identity of the girl is unknown.

Q2. Who is the viral girl with whom people got confused?

Ayeshatul Humaira.

Q3. Who is Ayeshatul?

She is a Bangladeshi girl who got famous after she roasted one of the influencers.

Q4. Is the viral girl from Indonesia?


Q5. Why people trolled Ayeshatul?

They compared her with the Indonesian girl whose MMS got viral.

Q6. What is her profession?

Social media influencer.

Q1. When did the video go viral?

January 2023.

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