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Intexusa Shop Scam {June 2021} Get A Complete Review!

Intexusa Shop Scam {June 2021} Get A Complete Review! >> Do you want to buy the best Intex pools this summer? Make sure you check the legitimacy of this website and then place order.

Are you fond of swimming? Swimming is a sport that almost everyone likes no matter the case of the person knows how to swim or not? Swimming helps to keep one’s body Temperature cool enough so that one can stay calm in all The situations that are going to occur. People in the United States do not like to enjoy pools rather than make a small setup out of their personal space.   

Intexusa Shop Scam is a Perfect question to be asked by us to give you a proper reply in today’s website review. 

Is this Store Legit?  

What do you feel about the legitimacy of a website to be known? Is it a grant or a liability? It is a grant because, with the help of legitimacy, we come to know what this website is up to and the status of this website in the legitimate market. With the help of the following points, you would be easily able to contradict Intexusa Shop Reviews. 

  • The successful registration for this website was done on 13 June 2021. 
  • This website seems to be very, very poor as true followers have been seen for this website.  
  • 35% of trade was recorded for this website. 
  • 35% of the virus could get into the system used by us. 
  • According to our sources, this website only scores 39.6% scores for legitimately through the algorithm of legitimacy.   

All the points mentioned above are enough for the verification of the legitimacy of this website.  

What is Intexusa?  

Intexusa is an online shopping store for portable swimming pools that are of both rubber and metal. There are three types of pools on this website Circular, metal frame and praise my frame pools. Intexusa Shop Scam would be referred to based on the website’s popularity in the social presence.    

We found that the website has almost every page which is important but the information on all the pages is not authentic. The contact us page is of no use because no details of contacting them are given apart from a form. Moreover, the about us information is also not valid. 


  • https://www.intexusa.shop/ is the URL 
  • Shipping over $40 is free worldwide.  
  • The mailing address of this website is not mentioned.
  • All returns will be accepted within seven days of delivery.  
  • The moment the product is received to the store the refund is granted. 
  • Payments will only be granted to PayPal. 

Pros for Intexusa Shop

To find out is Intexusa Shop Scamor not let’s check the positive points: 

  • A verified SSL certificate that is followed by the hTTPS protocol.  
  • All the products of this website is to be sold online only.  
  • Not any kind of blacklist engine was detected on the server of this website.  

Cons for Intexusa Shop

  • The registration has been completed recently. 
  • Search engine are not optimized in this website. 
  • Negative links for the social media presence were found for this website.  
  • The about us page seems to have misleading information which does not match with product category 
  • It is not the official Intex website

What are Intexusa Shop Reviews? 

One needs to get feedbacks on What they have done so far and what they need to continue in the future. When we talk about feedback, we get to know what this particular store has achieved and the negative highlights of this particular website. If we do not get any feedback for the particular store we are visiting, it is to be confirmed that this website does not has many followers, so it is not safe, which could also be said for this website as Intexusa Shop Scam is true.

Also, if you are interested in buying Intex pools, the best ways to visit the official Intex website and buy it from there or you can also refer this video before making a buying decision

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So, in the end, we will say that rather than going for this website, we must go for another legit and verified website with a high amount of genuine and positive customer reviews. Needed this website has customer reviews not any other authentic point for purchase. If you ask is Intexusa Shop Scam? The answer to this question is yes.

Do you like to have a fun pool weekend? Please mention as by writing in the comment section. 

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