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Is 310 Drip.com Legit (Nov 2021) Read Genuine Reviews!

Read and find whether Is 310 Drip.com Legit or not by checking the site’s internal data and live consumers review. Also, read the benefits and drawbacks.

Modern fashion concept isn’t only limited to dresses (or shoes or bags), but it also widens its ranges and includes chin, designer accessories to enhance the overall look. If you are searching for the accessories store online, you may find 310 Drip.com in the search result.

310 Drip.com is an online accessories shopper stop with a versatile collection for United States citizens. But did you check its credibility? If not, then check out this page and know whether Is 310 Drip.com Legit or not-

Checking the authenticity of 310 Drip.com:

Here, legitimacy checking is done by reviewing the site’s internal factors, reviews, trust index, etc. Kindly don’t skip this section; otherwise, you will face difficulties judging it-

  • The site was made in the previous month. As per the latest data, the creation date is 17th September 2021.
  • It’s been delivering service for less than 1 month; hence the index rating is not satisfactory (1%).
  • No availability of raw whois data can be considered as a red flag.
  • 1 broken link is present.
  • Plagiarism is present more than 50% (23% common & 20% copied content).
  • 310 Drip.com Reviews can be seen on its site.
  • No valid profile has been detected on social websites.
  • Location verification failed due to a lack of presence on 310 Drip.com.
  • 310 Drip owns the shop.
  • Multiple payment schemes are available.

After checking the site, we can disclose it’s a new one, having a low index and few red flags. Hence, we can’t assume it’s a decent size right now; let’s dig out more-

About the 310 Drip.com:

It’s a brand new web portal, which showcases chic, fashionable accessories at an alluring price for the United States citizens. Nevertheless, Is 310 Drip.com Legit? While searching, we noticed that the shop is establishing itself as an accessories hub where global fashion lovers can place orders for Bracelets, Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Chains and Chainset, Sunglasses, and even here trendy apparels catalogs have been displayed.

Promo code giveaway is currently ongoing, where you have to type ‘LABORDAY30’ code to receive a 30% discount. However, the product details are a bit short and not precisely explained. Moreover, shoppers find difficulties while purchasing because of the single picture of the product. Anyway, let’s check its policy.


  • URL Details: https://310drip.com
  • Remarks: Visitors can find 310 Drip.com Reviews on its site.
  • Location: Address information isn’t present.
  • Email ID: Support@310Drip.com
  • Phone Number: It’s not present.
  • Delivery Policy: According to policy, it can take 1 to 2 weeks, but it might also take 1 to 2 weeks more due to covid-19.
  • Charges: People can find out at the checkout time.
  • Replacement: No clear information has been provided.
  • Refund: You will be notified of the refund approval after inspection is done of the returning product.
  • Cancellation: Not available.
  • Return: A 30 days return facility is given.
  • Is 310 Drip.com Legit: It’s too new and doesn’t look like a decent site.
  • Means of Payment: Amex, Discover, JCB, Visa, Elo, G Pay, etc.


  • Versatile accessories at a reasonable price rate.
  • Global shipping availability.
  • Acceptance of multiple payment scheme.


  • Presence of duplicate content.
  • Absence of location details, phone number, cancellation details.
  • Shipping charges aren’t clear.
  • Poor index rank.
  • Reviews are only present on 310 Drip.com.
  • No active account on social networking media.
  • The exact time frame of the refund policy is missing.
  • Non-clickable element is present.

People’s reaction regarding ‘Is 310 Drip.com Legit’:

While checking the reviews, we got positive reviews on the majority of its products. However, after checking its index rating, we couldn’t rely on these reviews, so we re-checked, but unfortunately, no remarks had been seen.

Plus, no active profile on social websites is another major flaw that can’t be denied. Hence, buyers should not rely only on the site’s review as it might be paid/ fake. So, please visit reliable websites for buying trendy fashion accessories . Are you a victim of a Credit card scam? Read here for safe shopping. 

Final Verdict:

Is 310 Drip.com Legit? Though it’s a new site with a low index, it possesses several red flags like plagiarism, missing location details, no reviews, absence of social website profile, etc. Know the process of getting a refund on PayPal to stay away from online scam. A thorough check is recommended before making a decision.

Which site do you use to buy accessories? Please share below.

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