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Is Chiccial Legit [Sept 2020] Is It Safe To Buy!

Is Chiccial Legit [Sept 2020] Is It Safe To Buy! >> Love eyebrow trimmers and want one for yourself, then read this review.

Are you tired of the local salon lady ruining your eyebrows? Then you must have heard of trimmers like Chiccial.

Eyebrow trimmers help you remove all the excess hair instead of poking into the real eyebrow itself. They can double as an upper lip and a general facial hair remover.

One such remover is the newly introduced Chiccial electric eyebrow hair remover. However, because of the many preconceived notions of electric razors, people ask if Is Chiccial Legit.

The device has been effectively selling in countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, United States, etc. 

The main aim of this Chiccial Reviews is to give the readers a clear picture of the product to make calculated purchases.

Also, we will discuss some of the other popular brands like- MOOSOO Electric Razor and Shaver for Men, SweetLF Electric Shaver for Men, Brori Electric Razor for Women, Philips Precision Perfect compact Precision Trimmer for Women, and many more. 

Is Chiccial Legit? 

People almost always question its legitimacy if a product is new since it has not proved its worth. Talking about the Chiccial electric eyebrow trimmer, it can be said that the product is not famous.

There is no online news about this product, even though it has social media pages. The page shows nothing about the product and pushes out makeup videos by other creators.

Its official website has a creation date, which tells us it was created only a month ago. This website also has an HTTPS connection that acts as a customer information protector.

So, Is Chiccial Legit? Well, there isn’t enough information about the product available. 

As promised in the beginning, now it’s the perfect time to review best trimmers Philips Norelco Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver, Wahl Electric Razor, Trimmer, Shaver, & Groomer for Women, and Braun Electric Razor for Men

 We will check their features, pros, and cons of buying them why they are so much popular.  


  •  Product Dimensions : 7.09 x 8.07 x 2.36 inches; 11.42 Ounces
  • Batteries: 1 CR2 battery required.
  • It is a revolutionary electric grooming tool.
  • The blade trims, edges, and shaves the hair.
  • The blade lasts up to 4 month
  • The trimmer is rechargeable
  • The blade has a dual side for precise edging.

Pros of buying Philips Norelco Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver
  • The ranking is given on amazon #148 in Beauty & Personal Care
  • The ranking is given on amazon #1 in Men’s Foil Shavers
  • It has got 4.5-star ratings on Amazon.
  • Many happy customers have put their fantastic reviews about this trimmer.
  • It is available in three designs and colors.
Cons of buying Philips Norelco Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver
  • It is only for males.
  • This item can be shipped to select countries outside of the U.S.


  • Product Dimensions : 2 x 5 x 9.33 inches; 13.2 Ounces
  • Batteries: 1 Product Specific batteries required
  • It has a sleek design.
  •  It is a rechargeable trimmer. 
  • It has three interchangeable heads- a trimmer head, an eyebrow detailing head, and a rotary facial shaver head.
  • It is ideal for smoothing bikini lines, trimming underarms, shaping eyebrows, removing facial hair, etc.
  • It also includes a 5-position guide comb.
  • The company also offers storage pouch for easy transportation.

Pros of buying Wahl Electric Razor, Trimmer, Shaver, & Groomer for Women
  • The ranking is given on amazon #1,835 in Beauty & Personal Care
  • The ranking is given on amazon #6 in Men’s Foil Shavers.
  • It is convenient to use
  • More than 100 years of trust
  • The brand is used by professionals as well.
  • The company offers a variety of designs.
Cons of buying Wahl Electric Razor, Trimmer, Shaver, & Groomer for Women
  • The product is available in a single color only.


  • Product Dimensions : 5.39 x 2.64 x 9.92 inches; 10.72 Ounces
  • Batteries:  Lithium-ion batteries required (one)
  • It is easy to clean an electric shaver specially designed for men.
  • It has three flexible Blades.
  • It delivers fast and easy cleaning.
  • It has Li-Ion Battery.
  • The trimer will charge in just 5 minutes for one full shave.
  • It could be used for Wet & Dry use as the razor is 100% waterproof.

Pros of buying Braun Electric Razor for Men
  • The ranking is given on amazon #9,715 in Beauty & Personal Care.
  • The ranking is given on amazon #27 in Men’s Foil Shavers.
  • It is easy to use
  • There are many delighted customers across the US.
  • It is a waterproof electric razor.
  • The razor is available in two trendy colors- Blue and Black.
Cons of buying Braun Electric Razor for Men
  • No information about international shipping

What is Chiccial? 

Chiccial is an electric trimmer that was designed so that all hair can be removed using it. Because of the fine tip, the trimmer is especially perfect for your eyebrows. 

It will leave no cuts, ingrown hair or stubble while removing those unwanted tiny little hair. The trimmer can achieve this because of the tip not being blunt like other trimmers.

This little design change allows the hair to grow naturally instead of a thicker growth that usually hurts.

It must be added in this Chiccial Reviews that the device utilizes a patented electric dual blade technology. This angle of the blade makes for a smoother trim that ensures the hair is blunt.

Specifications of Chiccial:

  • The device is an electric hair trimmer. 
  • It is designed to be small, compact, and lightweight. 
  • The top, which has the blades, is detachable. 
  • Its tip has two rounded blades that are made up of stainless steel. 
  • These tips will require no replacements. 
  • These are positioned at an angle that will leave a 0.2mm safety space between the skin and the blades. 
  • There is a cleaning brush provided along with the device to ensure the blades remain clean. 
  • Chiccial has been selling in countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, United States, etc.
  • There is an eyebrow comb provided with the trimmer to help you in your eyebrow trimming process. 
  • It can be used at any angle. 

Pros of the Chiccial:
  • It is designed to make sure no cuts, ingrown hair or stubble arises.
  • The hair, when trimmed, is blunt.
  • It doesn’t directly come in contact with the skin.
  • The hair will not be thicker as it grows back.
  • The trimmer can be used at an angle.
Cons of the Chiccial:
  • The product is not popular
  • Similar products with better quality are already available
  • The trimmer does not look sturdy
  • The price is high for a flimsy device
  • No extra detachable top is provided, a new one will cost you extra money.

What are the customers saying about Chiccial?

The Chiccial Reviews are currently only available on its official site, and all seem to have given the product a 5-star rating.

They claim that the product saved them a lot of money as they could get their eyebrows at home. It works well, and after this, the user provides before and after pictures of their brows.

Some others talk about the trimming being exact with the Chiccial trimmer. It is light, small and gives good value for the price!

However, the product has no online presence because it came out only a month prior. This is highly doubtful, and the reviews could be fake to fool the target audience

Final Verdict- 

To finally conclude, we can say that Chiccial is an electric trimmer that removes unwanted hair from the body without causing any pain. It is affordable, and the flash sale makes at a more discounted price. It looks like a legit product.  

Though there are many doubts about its legitimacy, Chiccial has no presence on any social media, and there are no customer reviews available on any platform. Everyone on the site has given 5-star ratings. How is that possible? This is a warning signal and can’t be digested easily.  

So, we hope you get the answer to the question Is Chiccial Legit or not.  

 We would highly recommend you to choose from the among brands we have discussed in the earlier paragraph. These have already established repo, and their reviews could be easily be read on Amazon. You can decide according to your needs and budget.

If you wish to write your review, feel free to do so in the comment section below.

0 thoughts on “Is Chiccial Legit [Sept 2020] Is It Safe To Buy!

  1. I went to the purchase page and looked at their general website. I can write off the website looking “sketchy” as it may be new and underfunded, but the PayPal payment option I checked out didn’t have a working “forgot my email” link, which makes me thing it’s not actually connected to PayPal, but an imitation used for gathering PayPal account details.

  2. I’ve just bought this product and it is absolutely rubbish. Flimsy item and nowhere near the close shave they profess.
    Should have known better with not one negative review and only reviews are on their site so they can manage which reviews to show.
    They then only accept a return with buyer footing the cost and they insist on pricier tracked postage option.

  3. Chiccal took over a week and a half to arrive, which wouldn’t have been much of a problem if the tracking number actually worked and I could see the order status. The website claimed to have a live customer service agent in the help section but it gave me an automatic response (and didn’t answer why my tracking number never worked). But my trimmer arrived today! …It’s not “Chiccal”. It’s an identical looking trimmer called a “Skysuper” with obvious cheap packaging and came straight from China. I would probably buy literally any other trimmer.

  4. Fake fake fake!! Scammers!! Stay well clear. I recieved fake tracking numbers and the item never arrived. I contacted them via Facebook and they proceeded to block me. I decided to warn others of their scam via comments on the post but they were quickly deleted and i was removed off their page

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