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Is Classyfast Scam Or Legit {Jan} Read Customer Reviews!

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere to know Is Classyfast Scam or Legit? Also, learn its features and customer reviews.

Did you browse Classyfast.shop, a fashion e-store in the United States? Did the high discounts and free shipment offers excite you? Classyfast.shop offers trendy apparel, shoes, and smartwatches at low cost and high upfront discount. But, many websites are illegitimate. Hence, would you like to read Classyfast.shop review to check if it is authentic?

We bring you complete details of Classyfast.shop for you to decide Is Classyfast Scam or Legit?

Is Classyfast Legit?

  • Classyfast Creation—5th January 2023.
  • Classyfast Age—16-days old.
  • Classyfast Last updated on—5th January 2023.
  • Classyfast Expiry—5th January 2024.
  • Classyfast life expectancy—11-months and 14-days.
  • Trust score—27%.
  • Business ranking—1.2%.
  • Domain Authority—1/100.
  • Place of origin—Iceland, a high-risk country.
  • Registerar—Namecheap, Inc.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity—22%.
  • Threat Profile—88%.
  • Phishing Score—38%.
  • Malware Score—13%.
  • Spam Score—88%.
  • Alexa Rank—Zero.
  • Status of Blacklisting—not blacklisted.
  • Connection Security—HTTPS protocol.
  • SSL Status—its IP has a low DV-SSL certificate for the next 73-days.
  • Classyfast Owner’s Identity and Contact—Withheld for Privacy EHF paid services are used to censor these details.

Brief :

Classyfast Reviews indicates that Classyfast.shop is a new online store selling women’s clothing, shoes, and smartwatches. However, Classyfast.shop pages are still under construction. The new arrival section is inactive, and several hidden pages of shoes and accessories were found unindexed on the landing page.

The mission statement and content of various pages of Classyfast are stolen from Challengecool.shop and hallengecool.shop. The return policy mentioned products that were not featured on Classyfast. Classyfast sells:

  • Three sports joggers,
  • 48 shorts,
  • 72 smartwatches,
  • One cook wear set,
  • One long sleeves sweater, and
  • 153 shoes.

Features determining Is Classyfast Scam or Legit:

  • Buy women’s apparel and accessories at—https://www.classyfast.shop.
  • Price—between $7.99 to $39.99.
  • Email address—service@classyfast.shop, a genuine business email account.
  • Terms and Conditions—stolen and plagiarized from challengecool.shop.
  • Privacy policy—stolen and plagiarized from hallengecool.shop.
  • Store locator—Classyfast does not have physical stores.
  • Delivery Policy—orders are delivered within 12 days to four weeks.
  • Shipping Policy—free shipment is included on orders above $39, and the standard shipping fee for orders below $39 is $6.95.
  • Tracking—not possible on Classyfast. However, Classyfast claims to inform the tracking number to its customers.
  • Cancellation Policy—cancellation is allowed before shipment within 24 hours.
  • Classyfast Reviews of Cancellation fee—no fee.
  • Return Policy—returns are accepted by Classyfast within 30 days.
  • Restocking fee—no fee.
  • Exchange—customers can initiate an exchange within 30 days.
  • Refunds Policy—refunds are credited to the purchase wallet in case of exchange. The refunds are issued within seven to fifteen days to the original mode of disbursement for cancellations and returns.
  • Mode of Payment—via Visa, MasterCard, and Amex in US$.


  • Classyfast.shop sells trendy women’s clothing, accessories, and smartwatches
  • A combination of 278 products are available at low cost
  • Detailed item descriptions and images were included, considered to check Is Classyfast Scam or Legit?
  • Navigation to all products is possible with a search option
  • Clothing, shoes, and smartwatches are available in different colors and sizes


  • The cancellation, refund, exchange, and returns policy is stolen and plagiarized from challengecool.shop
  • Classyfast allows customers to order 9,995 quantities of the same item
  • Contact person, social media links, physical address, phone, whatsapp number and carrier details are unspecified
  • Difficult to contact Classyfast customer service
  • Classyfast offers 60% unrealistic discounts
  • Poor UI without sorting and filtering options

Customers Reviews:

Classyfast does not support product reviews and blogging, a negative highlight to check Is Classyfast Scam or Legit? Twelve website reviews and one YouTube review of Classyfast.shop suggest a scam. Please read about credit card scams as Classyfast.shop accepts credit card payments only.


No user reviews (or) customer’s delivery acknowledgment was present on social media, customer review websites, (or) elsewhere on the internet. Classyfast.shop gained poor scores on all parameters. Classyfast has poor visitor count. It is registered for short time in a high-risk country. Hence, Classyfast.shop seems a scam. Please be cautious of PayPal scams to avoid online fraud.

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Is Classyfast Scam or Legit – FAQ

Q1. Where is Classyfast.shop server located?

In China, a high-risk country.

Q2. Who is the server service provider?

Shenzhen Dianjiang Technology Co Ltd.

Q3. How many servers are used by Classyfast.shop? 

Three chain servers with serial numbers 051d2c6d605965140e22a6ecbc414cd7, 0203bc50a32753f0918022edf1, and 77bd0d6cdb36f91aea210fc4f058d30d.

Q4. Are newsletters published by Classyfast.shop? 


Q5. Is the Help (or) FAQ section on Classyfast.shop? 


Q6. Is Classyfast.shop present on social media? 


Q7. Is Classyfast.shop safe to be accessed?

No. Classyfast.shop is registered on a server where low-rated websites are present. The registrar of Classyfast.shop is popular among scammers. 

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