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Is Eswitch Legit {Nov 2020} Read, Buy It & Be Safe!

Is Eswitch Legit {Nov 2020} Read, Buy It & Be Safe! >> Is the E-switch Legit or worthless? – read the article to find all information and decide on that.

Do you want to track electricity consumption? Does the application operate it? – Yes, now you can easily track the power consumption with this smart E-switch operated by the eBot application.

The main concern Is Eswitch Legit? As it converted into a gossip topic in the United Kingdom; let’s reveal the product is worthy or not-

Is the E-switch Legit?

Energy Bots has brought up a unique e switch that can be configured while purchasing. That means it can be stated that the company offers an e-switch which can be configured from 1 switch port to 7 switch ports accordingly. They have mentioned people could track the power consumption of devices, bulbs, fans, lights, etc., through the eBot application. The smart switch can be operated by Wi-Fi or mobile internet.

The company website is relatively old as the domain ID was created around four years and 11 months ago. Further revealing Is Eswitch Legit or not; we noticed the social media logos are present on the webpage, and they are clickable. 

We observed it has a legit profile on social media; however, people’s engagement is relatively low. The product has only one review on the website though there is no remark on the external web. Hence, it can be concluded that the product and website have low traffic and need research.

What is Eswitch?

Energy Bots has introduced an excellent, intelligent e-switch that can be operated by the eBot app. This device will be the ultimate solution for a considerable electricity consumption problem as people can track energy consumption daily or weekly, or monthly. In Eswitch Reviews, It can be availed with dimmer motion sensor or without dimmer motion sensor. It has 6AMP power.

People can increase the number of switches upto a maximum of 7. Buyers can track each switch on the switchboard and can be operated with mobile internet / Wi-Fi and reconciled energy consumption. It alerts you with a notification if the energy consumption goes beyond.


  • Product Nature: The product is a smart e-switch.
  • Dimmer: The item can be obtained with dimmer or without dimmer.
  • Switch Port: The switch port number is a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 7.
  • Motion Sensor: The product can be availed with a motion sensor or without a motion sensor.
  • Reviews: Eswitch Reviews are there on the website.
  • AMP: The AMP is 6amps.
  • Operators: Through mobile internet or Wi-Fi, people can operate the device.


  • The intelligent device will track power consumption.
  • People can track the electricity consumption of bulbs, lights, fans, etc., operated by this e-switch.
  • It can be operated by mobile internet/ Wi-Fi in your home or office.
  • Turning off can be made through the eBot app.
  • People can obtain a minimum of 1 switch port to a maximum of 7 ports.
  • An alert will be sent during the consumption higher up.
  • The device can be obtainable with a dimmer and motion sensor or without a motion sensor & dimmer.
  • Eswitch Reviews can be seen on the website.


  • A single picture of the product is provided.
  • The price is a little bit high.

What is the consumer’s saying about the product?

E-switch is the incredible innovation, and the company conveys that this device has the ability to track power consumption. Let’s discover the user’s opinions in the United Kingdom.

After thorough checking, we observed that the product has only a single review on the website, which is favorable. There are no remarks and ratings regarding the website in the external webs, and the company’s social media profiles also have low traffic.

Final Verdict:

In Eswitch Reviews, the intelligent e-switch is operated by the eBot application. People can turn the device off and on with the help of the app. The device can be run with Wi-Fi or mobile internet, and it can amazingly track electricity consumption. Since now, users can track their monthly, or daily, or weekly energy consumption. 

This fantastic, intelligent device has an in-built sensor and sends alerts or notifications to the consumer’s mobile if the usage goes beyond. While purchasing, people can configure the device accordingly from 1 to 7 switches; with the increasing number of switch ports, the price ranges vary from 1400.00Rs- 4920.00Rs.

The web portal is quite old, and it has a healthy existence on the leading social media; however, their social media page has low people engagement. The product has just single remarks, which is complimentary; however, no reviews are available on the external webs. Thus, readers need to go through and research the product and website.

Let us know what do you think- Is Eswitch Legit?-in the below comment section.

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