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Is Fairyblis.com Scam or Legit {Feb 2023} Find Reviews!

If you want to determine whether it Is Fairyblis.com Scam or Legit before investing, consider the article and find out all the details about the portal.

Do you want to buy many essential products from an online shopping portal? Are you looking for merchandise at a competitive cost? This online portal has been launched in the United States.

But still, shoppers are confused about whether it Is Fairyblis.com Scam or Legit. Do you scrutinize the reality of the shopping portal? So, let’s find out its credential facts to check whether it is a genuine shopping site. 

Is Fairyblis.com a legitimate portal name?

  • The shopping website has been operational for 4-months and 27 days and officially launched on September 23, 2022. 
  • It will run out on September 23, 2023.
  • We have determined the trust score is so poor, only 1%.
  • The login screen has an icon for social networking sites, but it redirects to the user’s profile after clicking on it.
  • Shoppers find out all the key policies required to simplify shopping.
  • Alexa’s rank is missing.
  • The trust index is 62.4%.
  • There are no currently Fairyblis.com Reviews present on the portal.
  • The combined threat and phishing scores are 36%.
  • The malware’s score is 6%.
  • Using an SSL certificate, all data is safely encrypted.
  • Clients are unable to identify the CEO or holder of the business entity.

Details on Fairyblis.com Portal!

Fairyblis.com is an online digital shopping marketplace that deals in various products like clothes, home décor, gifts, and many other products. We connect shoppers with manufacturing suppliers and companies who are very skilled. It ensures clients about the product safety from production to packaging. It conducts daily reviews to check the quality of products.

Highlights of website to check: Is Fairyblis.com Scam or Legit?

  • The shopping website’s URL is- https://fairyblis.com/
  • The email address is- shabiqiutian@gmail.com operational.
  • Ring-up on– Missing.
  • Physical address-Supic Company Limited 297 Tottenham Court Road, London VIT 4TQ, United Kingdom.
  • Company number-12550956
  • Typical delivery time– Depending on the location, it takes 7 to 15, 7 to 12, and 12 to 20 days, respectively.
  • Free delivery– Only for purchases over $35.
  • Taxes and duties—These are borne by customers and are not refundable.
  • Return policy-7- working days starting from the date of purchase are allotted for returns.
  • Refund Policy-7 to 10 business days for your refund to appear on your statement.
  • Payment methods- PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Credit Cards, etc.

Is Fairyblis.com Scam or Legit? Consider the benefits.

  • Many products are available in the shopping sector and priced reasonably.
  • Buyers abide by all applicable conditions, including shipping, returns, and refunds.
  • A functional, current SSL certificate is present.
  • The website provides several payment methods.
  • It has the store’s legal, physical address.

Negative aspects of the website-

  • Few people use the shopping website.
  • There was no contact information or phone number offered.
  • Alexa does not display the rank.
  • There are no legitimate reviews.
  • There is no section on the website dedicated to social media promotion.

Concentrate on Fairyblis.com Reviews 

The website’s pages on social media are not optimized for promoting its products. As a result, people could not locate their followers or gather any real customer reviews. For it to show a strong presence, we need to add all credential details. However, before using such a dubious domain, customers should be aware of the PayPal Scam and Get a Full-Refund.

The Last Words-

Our research revealed that it has a low trust score and does not collect customer feedback. Consequently, it is not a genuine shopping website.In addition to these details, read on to find out -How to Get a Full Credit Card Refund If Scammed!

Do you want to go shopping for it? Comment on us.

Is Fairyblis.com Scam or Legit: FAQs-

Q1. How much is the cost of the shipping charges by the store?

Ans- Accurate cost of shipping is not mentioned.

Q2. On how many orders it offers free shipping?

Ans. On orders above $ 35.

Q3. How many days does it take to process your order?

Ans. It takes 5 to 7 days to process an order after your purchase.

Q4. What about the order confirmation detail?

Ans. Please email us at shabiqiutian@gmail.com if, after six hours, you have not received the order confirmation email.

Q5.  Does it offer a replacement policy?

Ans. Yes, the exchange policy offered by it.

Q6. Is Fairyblis.com Scam or Legit a legitimate online retailer portal?

Ans. We are still looking into the website to see if it is legitimate.

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