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Is Humpr Store Scam Or Legit(Jan) Read Reviews Here!

This post on Is Humpr Store Scam or Legit will provide you with crucial information about the store’s authenticity.

Do you know about metal Silhouettes? Do you want dog’s metal Silhouettes? There is an amazing store that sells metal Silhouettes of different dog breeds. The store has garnered popularity in the United States. Many people are eager to know if this store is real or just fooling the buyers. So to know this we need to fetch out Is Humpr Store Scam or Legit. So this article is written to aware the customer of the authenticity or fakeness of this store.

Let’s begin the article.

Is Humpr Store legit? 

Humpr Store has a unique collection but that doesn’t mean it is legit. Each buyer should look for a legitimate response from the online sites. So here you will read various elements which can hint towards the legitimacy of this website.

  • Domain registration: The Humpr Store was launched on 4 December 2022. 
  • Domain Expiry: The Humpr Store website will be expiring on 4 December 2023. 
  • Trust score: The Humpr Store site has got trust rate of 1%. 
  • Humpr Store Reviews: The store did not receive a response from customs. So the reviews are unavailable. 
  • Policies: The policies of Humpr Store are mentioned precisely in the comment section. 
  • Data encryption: The site follows HTTPS protocol so the data is encrypted. 
  • Missing information: The website has not provided any details about the owners of this store or website. 

Brief about Humpr Store.

The Humpr Store has a marvelous collection of metal dogs Silhouettes for the garden. The store also deals with stylish boots. There are varieties of metal Silhouettes and boots in this store. You can check some of them from the below list: 

  • Women Retro Boot
  • Papillon metal Silhouettes 

Is Humpr Store Scam or Legit? The above factors cannot answer these questions because they are not enough to know a site’s legitimacy. The following article will tell you some more about the Humpr Store so that buyers can inculcate the legitimacy of this store. 

Features of Humpr Store.

  • Url: https://humpr.store/
  • Email address: support@humpr.com
  • Shop address:  Great London, 372 Southampton row, UK
  • Phone number: Unavailable 
  • Shipment Policy: No delivery charges on orders exceeding $49. 
  • Payment mode: VISA, Mastercard, PayPal, American Express. 

Positive Highlights

  • Free delivery on orders more than $49. 

Negative Highlights 

  • Phone number is not provided.
  • The customer reviews of this store are unavailable. 

Humpr Store Reviews.

The Humpr Store is new to the platform. The store offers unique products. We researched the customer reviews of this shop but found nothing. The customer reviews are not available on the official store site. The Humpr website is registered on online review platforms but there are zero ratings as well as zero reviews on those sites. So we can say that the overall customer reviews are unavailable.

On searching social media, the website does not have any social media pages or accounts. Click here if you want details on protection against Credit card scamming.

In a nutshell

Weapons up this post on Is Humpr Store Scam or Legit, we tried to fetch all the essential details about this store. The trust rate of Humpr Store is one percent. Along with this, life expectancy is also very short. The customer reviews are also not flourished. So considering these factors we can conclude that the store is not legit. Visit this link to get protective guidance from PayPal Scamming. Visit this page for more details on Silhouettes.

What do you think about this post? Kindly share your views in the comment box.

Is Humpr Store Scam or Legit: FAQS

Q1. What is Humpr?

Humpr is a recently launched online store that sells products like Metallica Silhouettes and boots.

Q2. What is the trust score of Humpr Store?

The Humpr Store has received a very bad trust score of 1%. This is the least trust score.

Q3. When was Humpr Store registered?

The Humpr Store website was launched on 4 December 2022. 

Q4. Can buyers trust Humpr Store?

Buyers should not trust this store as there are many factors that indicate that the store is fake. 

Q5. Is there any reviews of customers on this store?

No, we researched this site deeply but the customer response is unavailable.

Q6. Is Humpr Store Scam or Legit?

According to our research, the site should not be marked legitimate as there are no customer reviews. Additionally, the trust rate is also poor and life expectancy is very short.

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