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Is Ipazilla.com Scam {March 2022} Read Fair Reviews!

Is Ipazilla.com Scam {March 2022} Read Fair Reviews! >> It is an app downloader platform with ease for selection type of app from widgets given like app, games, emulators, tweaks, utilities.

Nowadays, everyone is enjoying a clicks version of the life. So, we know you are here to know about this. This new app downloading platform is going around in Saudi Arabia currently. Whatever we want from house to travel everything is available on our mobile phones through applications for the respective task.

Here Is Ipazilla.com Scam or not will be discussed. We always look for a filtered app downloader that brings with best apps for our devices.

What is Ipazilla?

The Ipazilla is a global warehouse of well-known applications and games. With over hundreds of applications that go evenly on every dais (iOS and Android), this is an app basket that you require to unbolt, select your choice of app, valve to run and download and enjoy. But, dear, don’t go off from here before knowing Is Ipazilla.com Scam! So, first, we would like to enrich you with the details about this platform.

Specification of Ipazilla.com

  • Type of Portal- app downloader platform.
  • Brand owner – not available
  • Update – Only 5 Months Ago (2021-01-28)
  • Address-physical address not given.
  • Website- https://ipazilla.com/
  • Email Address– not mentioned.
  • Contact Detail- not given.
  • Customer Review- on many websites found negative reviews, but as the site is new, not many reviews are available, so we still need more details to find Is Ipazilla.com Scam.
  • User-friendly– not able to run through desktop/laptop. Access is available through mobile devices only.


Our case study can only advantage for this portal because access to many apps and selection categories is available in one place.


Disadvantages are also not at many glances, but we have to find needed some alert before going to this platform. Let us take an eye on it,

  • Firstly, details are not available for the brand owner.
  • Secondly, contact details are not mentioned.
  • Thirdly, a physical address is not provided.
  • Most importantly, access from desktop/laptop is not available.

Is Ipazilla.com Scam or not?

We should not 100% say that this platform is a scam as it is protected with SSL and HTTPS. But Norton URL says that the website is untested, so we should need to be 100% sure about its legacy before going further for any Mobile app.

Customer Reviews

As already informed in the specifications that, this site is new, so not many reviews are available. People have given negative reviews on some sites, and no section for reviews is available on the portal. Do you want to know about any scam? Click here to know more.

Final Call on Is Ipazilla.com Scam:

To our knowledge, this site is not 100% reliable to access that others can chop your data, so do not access it. And, if you still want to go for it, do not give permissions while installing any app through it.

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