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Is Keysnb com Scam (Aug) Check Authentic Reviews Here!

The Is Keysnb com Scam blog below holds all the information about a newly created site, its features, advantages, disadvantages, and authentic reviews.

Are you a hodophile? Do you love to travel and camping? Are you among those who love to explore the outer world? If you say ‘YES’, then you need the camping accessories and emergency kits.

To make your upcoming trip more exciting, there is an eCommerce website serving in the United States with a variety of camping accessories. However, Is Keysnb com Scam? Yes, people are buzzing around and discussing its legitimacy. So, if you are wondering if the site is a decent one or not, you need to read this blog. 

How Authentic is Keysnb com?

After thorough research, we found some elements that every buyer needs to know before purchasing from this portal.

  • The site’s age is less than 6 months; the creation date is 16th August 2021.
  • The index rating is not up to the mark; it shows a big red flag as the score is only 1%.
  • The site has hidden the owner of its domain name.
  • Keysnb com didn’t provide its corporate office location.
  • There are no Keysnb com Reviews.
  • The site’s expiration date is 15th August 2022, which is less than a year. So, it can be considered as the ‘Short life expectancy domain.’
  • We found the presence of duplicate content (44%) & common content (29%).
  • The domain has been registered as ‘KEYSNB.COM.’
  • 3 broken links are present.
  • The site’s domain is connected with more than 1 country, which is another loophole.
  • Its claim to have a social media page is false.

As of now,  Keysnb com seems a highly doubtful site due to the presence of more than 1 red flag.

What is Keysnb com?

Before concluding if ‘Is Keysnb com Scam’ or not, we want to provide some more unknown information about this site. The site’s operating country is unknown, mainly designed to sell travel accessories like Hard Cooler, Soft Cooler in the United States. You can find different varieties in different ranges.

Buyers can check the product specification and description and can obtain it at an amazing price. Now, Keysnb com is giving a clearance sale for everyone, where you can get 350$ items for just 79$. But, before failing into the amazing deal, please verify how legit the site is. You can read this blog to understand more about the site’s functionaries.


  • URL: https://www.keysnb.com
  • Address: It hasn’t been specified.
  • Contact Number: Not available.
  • Email: kaiwenrakayakb@gmail.com
  • Reviews: Keysnb com Reviews aren’t present.
  • Shipping Information: It is based on the destination and countries.
  • Charges Information: Free shipping only on electronic package mode. Standard shipping charges depend on the location and shipping mode.
  • Cancellation: Not available.
  • Return: It needs to be completed within 7days.
  • Replacement: Not available.
  • Refund: It completes within 7 days.
  • Payment Modes: Visa, JCB, PayPal, Discover, Amex, TrustPay, etc.
  • No social media page is available. 


  • The site has a vast collection of travel accessories.
  • It is giving clearance sales.
  • Several modes are available for payment.


  • Very low index rate.
  • Presence of plagiarism.
  • Address, cancellation, replacement policy & contact number aren’t present.
  • No reviews & community site link.

Customers’ reviews on ‘Is Keysnb com Scam’?

The site has been built within a month, and to date, it hasn’t gained any review online on its own site as well as on other feedback platforms.

There is one more red flag that has been detected while researching- according to the Keysnb com; it has a stable and valid community platform connection; however, the fact is the presence of logos might be for eye washing of innocents as if you click on those icons, no community page will open; rather, the site’s page will re-open again. 

Therefore, Is Keysnb com Scam? The site has shown doubtful aspects, so please search for other portals which sell travel accessories. Read more to know easy & simple methods of refund from PayPal to stay safe from buying accessories from the website. 

Final Verdict:

In the end we must say, people shouldn’t fail for the alluring deals as Keysnb com failed to meet multiple criteria, which a legit retail site has. 

It failed to provide address details, several policy details; plus, it has a poor trust rate and no reviews are available. Hence we suggest to check the ways to Get money refund on credit card before you start buying from it. 

What do you think of ‘Is Keysnb com Scam’? Please mention below.

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