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Is Luther Vandross Still Alive {April} Know The Facts!

Is Luther Vandross Still Alive {April} Know The Facts!>> Want to know how google celebrated the 70th birthday of your favourite star? Read the article below.

The celebration of Luther Vandross birthday by google is a lovely gesture by search engine giant. However, it got people in the United Kingdom and the United States thinking Is Luther Vandross Still Alive. The animated doodle of Vandross has been broadcasted worldwide and has become a topic of discussion among social media users and digital platform.

Who is Luther Vandross?

Luther Vandross was an American singer and songwriter who remained in demand as a vocalist for various artists during his career. He was born on 20th April 1951 in New York, United States and began his career as a backup vocalist.

Change and solo breakthrough album established him as a featured singer in the music industry. He received eight Grammy award for his work in music.

Is Luther Vandross Still Alive?

With its animated doodle, Google attempted to show his life on his 70th birthday, which is seen as a grand gesture by people worldwide. Vandross estate released a statement that welcomed the gesture by the tech giant and said it is a true reflection of Luther Vandross musical legacy. 

Luther had a history of hypertension and diabetes, which finally led to a stroke in 2003, leaving him in a coma for two months. The stroke affected his speaking ability, and he remained paralyzed for two years until his death from a heart attack in 2005.

As most of his work was around love, which doesn’t distinguish people on any criteria, this gesture by google is a great way of showing his unmeasurable talent.

What Is Luther Vandross Still Alive Reviews?

This celebration by google has touched the heart of millions of Vandross fans in the United States and worldwide. It has also shown how we can remember people for their excellent work and educate the new generation about their life.

There are many articles available on the digital platform, and they all have praised the work of google in showcasing Luther work to the world. Many have also discussed his personal life in brief and talked about his being gay, as he died single.

Is Luther Vandross Still Alive doodle youtube video has 31,457 views with seventy-eight comment, as most of the viewer are elated by this gesture of google, and they are also praising the artist for his work?

Final verdict:

This work of google on the 70th birthday of Vandross can be done for other artists, too, as people will get to know more about the departed soul and their work. Technology has brought many changes to our day to day life, and we can use it for many more productive uses and Luther example is one among them.

If you have come across Vandross Google doodle on 20th April, please share your experience in the comment section and write your views about Is Luther Vandross Still Alive below.

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