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Is Microsoft Down Right Now (Feb 2021) Some Facts Below!

Is Microsoft Down Right Now (Feb 2021) Some Facts Below! >> Please read this article will help you clear your doubts regarding slow response and access to the Microsoft site and fix it.  

All know that Microsoft is a renowned United States company that manufactures and sells computer software, personal electronic items and owns the Xbox franchise. Their software is very famous and their operating system (OS), i.e., Windows, will be found in almost every other laptop and PC. 

But there are some issues in recent times regarding the Microsoft software and on Xbox, which won’t allow the player to sign up with them, which makes us think Is Microsoft Down Right Now or is there any other problem. So let’s find out now. 

Problems facing by people while using Microsoft products

When people go to their official site, they notice that the site is prolonged, and the response time is meager. We know that many people face this problem through the comment section, like they can’t sign in to Microsoft software, cannot update the software, and can’t access Microsoft’s functions, and many more. 

People who spend their evening playing Xbox games won’t play the games as Xbox was also down for at least 5 hours. Is Microsoft Down Right Now is the first thought that comes into the customer’s mind when they won’t be able to access the facilities of Microsoft?

Methods to fix the problem

Through the customer’s reviews, we realized that many people are facing slow response times and won’t be able to access anything on the Microsoft site. If you are also facing this problem, then there are some methods which you can try if you can’t access the Microsoft site and their online software. 

  • The first essential thing is full refresh the site. It can be done by pressing Ctrl+F5 at the same time on your browser.
  • Check and make sure that Is Microsoft Down Right Now or you can’t access the site. 
  • If the site is down, you have to wait until Microsoft gives the official notice of repairing it and making it online again.
  • If the site is not working on your computer only, you should clear the browser’s cache and cookies to make it work faster. 
  • You can also clear your DNS (Domain Name System) so that the browser can catch the most recent cache of the site which you enter. 
  • People all over the world in the countries like Canada are facing this problem.

Is Microsoft Down Right Now

Yes, there are complaints regarding slow response time on the Microsoft website. People won’t be able to access Microsoft software, and on the official Twitter page of Xbox, it was a tweet by the officials that Xbox is down and they are looking for the problem. 

After 5 hours, all the services are up and running again normally. So if you get panic and though your PC is broken, then don’t worry because every person faces the same problem, and now Microsoft is up for run typically. 


With all the reviews and research, it is confident to say Microsoft is down for some time because of the heavy traffic. Is Microsoft Down Right Now? Yes, it was, but now it’s been fixed and run properly.

Have you ever experience this kind of problem? If yes, then share your experience.

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