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Is Moon Elegant Scam (Dec) Authentic Website Reviews!

Is Moon Elegant Scam? With the help of the below article, you can easily find out the truth; moreover, know its policy details, item details, and much more.

People now prefer to purchase furniture from online shops due to the variety of collections that make it easy to select and decide. Furthermore, its popularity is increasing due to its convenience. You can book it easily irrespective of your location and time. All you need is just a stable internet and smart device.

Moon Elegant, an e-furniture store in the United States, has showcased a variety of home furniture collections; however, Is Moon Elegant Scam? Or a legit store crafted to provide secure service.

Is Moon Elegant trustable?

To confirm the trustability rate of the Moon Elegant store, certain factors are required to be performed. Readers are suggested to look over the below-given point-

  • Age of the Website: The website presence duration is not more than 3 months. The date on which it was crafted is 13-09-2021.
  • Trust Index Score: The score is 2%, which is tremendously low.
  • Social Networking Media Connection: No legit link sources haven’t been confirmed.
  • Authority Holder Information: The website’s official authority holder is Wonderfulhappy.
  • Remarks: The Moon Elegant Reviews are readable.
  • Domain ID: the domain ID is moonelegant.com
  • Plagiarism Presence: The plagiarism is present; the plagiarism percentage is 45.
  • Non-Clickable Link: It is not present.
  • Missing Information: Contact number, cancellation policy, address.
  • Address Authenticity: The authenticity of the address couldn’t be confirmed as the location detail is inaccessible.

Following the previous data, we found Moon Elegant is a new store that recently joined the e-commerce market. Additionally, following the data, the Moon Elegant doesn’t hold a reputation since we need to check more to declare.

What is the Moon Elegant site?

Moon Elegant is a newly joined e-commerce furniture store providing services in the United States. However, Is Moon Elegant Scam? The website is only crafted to sell furniture. The portal navigation system is pretty handy, including an easily accessible interface. Buyers check the collection by heading to Home and Furniture options. 

As we checked more and more, we found their collection is minimal, which isn’t favorable to compete with other furniture selling sites (the more the site has a variety of supplies, the more it can attract buyers). Plus, the price range is so convincing that anyone can fall for it. Again before reviewing all aspects buying anything still has a risk.


  • Website Address: https://www.moonelegant.com
  • Remarks: Yes, some Moon Elegant Reviews are readable on Moon Elegant website.
  • Location: It not accessible.
  • Phone Number Details: The phone number is not accessible.
  • Email ID: Customerservice@teheh.com
  • Shipping Details: The delivery takes a minimum of 7 working days to a maximum of 20 days, depending on the delivery modes.
  • Delivery Fees: The fees depend on the delivery mode; the standard shipping fee is 5.99 USD, the express shipping fee is 7.99 USD.
  • Cancellation Policy: The policy detail is not accessible.
  • Payment System: Discover, JCB, Visa, American Express, etc.
  • Return Policy: It is present.
  • Social media link- The Company does not maintain an online portal.
  • Is Moon Elegant Scam: It has no reputation on the e-com market.
  • Exchange Policy: The replacement will be valid when the request gets approved.
  • Refund Policy: You can get a refund facility only when approved.

Pros of Moon Elegant:

  • Furniture is being sold at a cheap rate.
  • They ship to foreign countries.
  • Several systems are present for payment.
  • Presence of remarks.

Cons of Moon Elegant:

  • The trust-index score is tremendously low.
  • Reviews are only present on the site.
  • No promotion has yet been done on social sites.
  • Some crucial information is missing.

Users remarks on ‘Is Moon Elegant Scam’:

Some comments are present on Moon Elegant website; however, the reviews don’t include any rating. Again, on external platforms, we could not access any review. Additionally, the store did not take any step to promote its business on social sites. No link sources are not accessible, which represents its link with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. media.

Although the portal is new, nevertheless, lack of promotion on digital media is a strange thing. So, buying attractive furniture from other shops might be better. Also, check essential tips to get back the money on PayPal scams.

Final Verdict:

Is Moon Elegant Scam? It seems so- although it’s new, the lack of important information like address, contact number, and the terrible trust-index score isn’t good. Since, considering all facts, you must provide some time to this site or if you wish to purchase, please thoroughly check its policy. Read some awesome tricks to get refunds on credit card scams. Is this post helpful? Kindly tell us below.

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