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Is Robinhood Stock Legit (Jan) Check The Post To Know!

Is Robinhood Stock Legit (Jan) Check The Post To Know! >> Do you want to know if using the trading app is safe or not? Then the guide here will help you.

Are you looking for a legit place to start your investment? But new to this field? Don’t worry; we have brought useful information about the site Robinhood Stock to wet your feet in stock marketing. This app is easy to use yet helpful, and is gaining high popularity in the United States. So, please continue reading the write-up till the end to know Is Robinhood Stock Legit

About Robinhood Stock

Robinhood Stock is the investing app with zero commission. Its primary aim is no matter how much experience you have in financial markets; it makes your investment affordable, fun, and comfortable.

It has seen significant growth since 2013, and as of 2020, it has a total of 10,000,000 users. One question that is in demand among the people Is Robinhood Legit? The below section may surely help you to find the answer.

About the Founders

Baiju Bhatt and Vladimir Tenev found it in the year 1995. The story began at Stanford when both the founders were roommates and classmates; after graduation, they shifted to the United States and started their own finance companies. 

Here they came to how people are charged a commission for every single trade. So they decided to head back to California and start a business to access the people a financial wealth.

Is Robinhood Stock Legit?

Knowing the legitimacy of the online site is necessary to stay away from any fake Portal. As per the research, the site’s domain age is dated as of 1995-11-30, which is a very experienced company and has mixed reviews from the customer where positive feedbacks are present, but many users have complained about the customer help desk. 

We think it is safe to use the old site and is a legit one from overall research. Still, we recommend you learn further before using the service and go through all the customer reviews for the positive outcome. We hope the section helped you to know about Robinhood Legit.

Customer Reviews

We dive deep into the research to know what users are saying about Robinhood Stock. Many reviews or responses are available over the internet, where many say the app is lovely; it is easy to use even for those who are new to the investment and stock field. It is also a useful app because no middle man, no commission is allowed in this, so it’s a great app to enter into the investment.

Whereas few say the customer service is not right, they are having an issue with login, even after trying to reach customer support many times, no timely response is obtained, and this company is a nightmare. So, this is all about the overall mixed opinions of the users.

Bottom Line

Let’s wrap up the article with few quick informative words. Robinhood changed the thinking of people in the investment world. It is the first stock brokerage app that doesn’t charge any commission. Many people are using and taking advantage of it. 

As per our research, we can answer the most asked question Is Robinhood Stock Legit? Yes! It appears to be a legit site; but, still, we suggest research more and get the site’s benefits, after analyzing all the customer reviews online. 

Do you have any experience of using the app? The platform here is open for everyone and the one who wants to add their thoughts and views can comment in the section below. 

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