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Is Shional legit [June] Is This Site Trustworthy?

 Is Shional legit [June] Is This Site Trustworthy? >>  This article contains information about an online shopping platform.

Do you love getting cool accessories like sunglasses, reading glasses, and jewelry at the most affordable price? We will help you know about an online store that claims to provide these items at the most affordable price.

People love purchasing fresh items from online stores. With the latest trends in reading glasses, sunglasses, and jewelry, men and women love to collect these items.

Today, everyone is glued to online stores so that they can purchase the trendiest and freshest items.

But, can we trust all the online stores?

 This article will help you by revealing one such store as the name  “Shional.”

This Shional website review will answer all questions and rumors surrounding this website. 

Is Shional legit?

Well, we don’t have a straightforward answer to this question. We have gone through every page of this United States-based online store to bring you the most unbiased shional review.

The legitimacy of a website depends upon different factors and information they provide. When it comes to shional, the first loophole we found was that the site opens with several glitches. You get to witness different errors while opening pages of the website.

Although the products are correctly displayed and fall in love with some beautiful jewelry pieces like hoop earrings and oversized sunglasses, the website does not have a single customer review. A website without a customer review is bound to get suspicious. 

We further looked into the SSL certificate of the website, but the site is not protected, and thus your payment to the site is not at all protected. When it comes to social media pages of this online store, we found they are not present on any social media platforms, which is very rare for a store providing items like jewelry and clothing.  

So, guys, you need to be very careful if you are thinking about purchasing items from Shional, as the website does not seem to be legit.

What is Shional?

Shional.top is the United States-based online store that sells items like jewelry, sunglasses, reading glasses, clothes, and dinnerware. The store features some fantastic jewelry pieces like hoop earrings, dangle earrings, bracelets, and bangles. You may even fall in love with their clothing pieces like baggy sweaters and maxi dresses. 

Sunglasses and reading glasses at their website are pretty trending, and you may want to purchase all of them. Overall the store seems to offer the best products that are cool and trendy.

Specifications of Shional.top

  • Website for: Jewelry, dinnerware, clothes, sunglasses, and reading glasses
  • Email: shional@outlook.com
  • Address: 1257 Fruitland Dr, Bellingham, WA 98226
  • Contact number: 12054947844
  • Shipping time: 2-3 days
  • Delivery time: 3-5 days
  • Returns: within 30-days of returning the product
  • Refund: within 30-days of returning the product (Except delivery charges)

Pros of buying from Shional.top

  • Trendy products
  • Affordable prices
  • Refunds of the products are applicable.
  • Beautiful and latest designs

Cons of buying from Shional

  • Lack of a secure method of payment
  • No customer review on the website
  • Absence of social media pages makes it difficult to trust the website
  • Refund is time taking

What are customers saying about this online store?

Not many user comments or customer reviews can be found about the website. You won’t find a single Shional website review by customers. At some other platforms, customers claimed that this is a fake website that claims to offer the best quality products.

Final verdict

If you don’t want to lose your well-earned money, don’t make any purchase from Shional.top. The website has no legitimacy, and except for the products showcased on the site, you won’t find a single positive point about the website. Numerous points speak about the illegitimacy of this online store.

The address provided on the website is fake. The site doesn’t have an SSL certificate, the online store is not present on any social media platforms,  and you won’t find a single customer review about its products.

Even though the website is new, the fake address makes the site unreliable. Thus, we recommend you to stay away from untrustworthy websites like Shional so that you may not get duped or cheated. 

We hope you got your answer about the question “is Shional legit.” We are sure you will benefit from this review, and stay away from fake websites and stores if you value your hard-earned money

0 thoughts on “Is Shional legit [June] Is This Site Trustworthy?

  1. I was scammed. Purchased an exercise bench and what was sent was 1st class mail meaning less than 16 oz. Still waiting almost 3 weeks after ordering. Scammed

  2. I ordered a $65.00 weight bench from shional.top. Turns out they are actually in China, not in Washington like the website says. They sent a small plastic bag with paper and string in it… worth about 1 penny. When I told them of their mistake and asked for a refund, they said they could only refund 60% of my money to cover shipping costs and product costs of what they sent. The stuff they sent is worthless and shipping was probably $5… so they have found a nice little scam to steal 40% of American’s money. Do NOT order from these people you will get ripped off.

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