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Is Sirtyhome com Scam or Legit {Feb 2023} Detailed Reviews!

Customers can determine whether it Is Sirtyhome com Scam or Legit and trustworthy by having a clear view of it.

Are you looking for miscellaneous items in one online domain? Are you looking forward to huge offers on products? Then visit Sirtyhome.com, which deals with numerous products at huge discounts. This website has been registered in the United States.

So before going with it here, we will see whether it Is Sirtyhome com Scam or LegitTherefore, we will study its crucial facts in the following section.

Is Sirtyhome.Com a valid selling site?

  • This website is only a few days old and will launch on 06/02/2023.
  • The website will shut down on 06/02/2024.
  • The website shows a dismal trust score of just 0%.
  • The social media networking site lacks a web page because, on its home page, we did not find social media symbols.
  • The website lists all of the relevant policies.
  • It’s global ranking on Alexa is missing.
  • Its trust index is 38.3%.
  • We found one negative Sirtyhome com Reviews.
  • The combined threat and phishing scores are 118%.
  • The score for malware is 27%.
  • A valid SSL certificate was discovered that protects the client’s privacy.
  • The developer did not mention the name of the online site proprietor.

Detail on Sirtyhome.com Website!

Sirtyhome.com is an online retailer that advertises low prices on various clothing items like coats, jackets, cut linen, pants, boots, and leggings. Because of the discounts it offers on a wide range of its merchandise, the store is currently popular.

The website seems well-made and user-friendly, with several features to make product browsing and purchases simple for customers.

Specification of the online site to know: Is Sirtyhome com Scam or Legit

  • The website’s address is-https://sirtyhome.com/
  • The email address– sirtyhome@amzsb.com
  • Communicate on–Not mentioned.
  • Registration number-709295
  • Transport regulations- 5 to 12 days.
  • Transportation fees – Order £0.00£10.00, shipping £14.99

Order £10.00£20.00, shipping £9.99

Order £20.00£35.00, shipping £6.99

  • Free shipping– On orders over £35.00
  • Expedited shipping charge-$19.99
  • Return Policy- 14-day return policy.
  • Refund Policy- Money will deposit in the client’s account within a few days.
  • Cancellation policy- Only accept if the order is not delivered.
  • Payment method options- Visa, Master Card, Discover, Credit cards, etc.

Read its paybacks to find out-Is Sirtyhome com Scam or Legit.

  • There are several payment options with a money-back guarantee.
  • A legitimate SSL certificate was discovered.
  • The DNS filter indicates that the website is secure.
  • On the domain, you can explore a huge range of products.
  • The website possesses the most important policies.
  • Its official address is available.
  • We found a single comment on the internet site.

The website’s weaknesses are-

  • It has a low trust rating.
  • The domain is not popular.
  • We still require its telephone number.
  • The domain is too new.
  • No blocklist engine could be found on the website.
  • The owner’s name is also absent.

Focused on Sirtyhome com Reviews

The website lacks social media networking sites. So, on this platform, we did not get any comments. But after searching on another internet site, we found a negative review. In the comment, shoppers complain about its policies. We advise shoppers to Get a Full-Refund on PayPal Scam.


The website is not trustable because its trust rank is missing, and offering a lucrative discount that seems unreal. So, we can say it is not a trustworthy site.Read on-How to Get a Full Refund on a Credit Card If Scammed! 

Would you like to invest in this portal? Let’s tell us.

Is Sirtyhome com Scam or Legit-FAQs-

Q1. Is it charging restocking fees?

Ans- No restocking fees to be charged to consumers for returning a product.

Q2. What about the store exchange policy?

Ans. The exchange policy is not stated.

Q3. Which shipping mode does it offer?

Ans. It offers expedited shipping for its store charges of $19.99.

Q4. What about its delivery terms?

Ans. USPS delivery term opted by it. 

Q5.  What about its return shipping charges?

Ans. Customers will only be charged once, at most, for shipping costs; this includes returns.

Q.6 Is it selling its goods worldwide?


Q7. Is Sirtyhome com Scam or Legit and registered online selling site?

Ans. In our study, we found many flaws, so it cannot be easy to say whether it is legit and needs more study.

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