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Is Stamps Com Legit (Nov 2021) Let Us Find Truth Here!

Have you ever been stuck answering ‘Is Stamps com Legit?’ If yes, then we have the entire information about it.

Are you confused about a stamp-service portal? Do you want to know its worthiness? Then, please stay connected with us towards the end of the post. 

In the United States, most people are busy, which means they have very little time investing in different things. Moreover, they want a website or online service that might help save their time with additional benefits. 

So, let us examine carefully a site that provides less shipping costs and to realize Is Stamps com Legit? Check up the entire details thoroughly. 

Overview of Stamps.com

The site provides membership postal services with discounted shipping rates with the UPS and U.S. Postal Service. Moreover, you can also print shipping labels 24/7 with a single click after purchasing the membership. 

The Company has collaborated with firms such as Microsoft, Avery, HP, etc. Thus, this portal targets small businesses and office people. Now, we will discuss the sign-up process in detail to investigate the fact Is Stamps com Legit? 

How to Open The Account?

Firstly, click on the ‘Get Started’ button if you want to get your prime membership. After that, you will see a page where you must put your name, username, password, purpose, and necessary details. 

Then, choose a plan of your choice, followed by picking the right supplier. 

Facilities of Stamps.com

  • Discounted shipping rates are offered from UPS and USPS.
  • You can choose their $5 free postage facility to try it for a month, which will reveal Is Stamps com Legit
  • They have a 24/7 customer support facility.
  • You can terminate their trial period by paying a service fee to them. 
  • Stamps.com avoids hidden extras, insurance to satisfy their audience. 
  • They also provide multi-location services. 

Costs offered by Stamps.com

The service offered by the Company costs around $17.99 every month. In addition, the newcomers can get a 4-week trial period. 

Additionally, you can earn a 40% shipping rate on postal services. It also serves different warehouse operations to customers without any cost. 

Is Stamps com Legit?

  • Domain age- 04-10-1994 is the registration date of Stamps.com.
  • Trust rank and score- 96% score and 100 trust rank are noticed. 
  • Alexa rank- The portal holds 3440 Alexa rank.
  • Domain expiration date- Stamps.com domain will expire on 03-10-2022. 

Users’ Feedback 

On Trustpilot, it has gained a 3.1/5 average rating. Moreover, on different sites, there are mixed reviews of which some stated that after enrolment for a trial period, they had utilized their service nicely. 

But few noticed their hidden cost, poor customer service, and high-priced services; therefore, as per them, it is a questionable site. 

The Concluding Thoughts

Is Stamps com Legitpost has given us a blended overview of the site offering postal services. Moreover, we have determined the facilities, costs, and enrolment process of the website. 

Thus, as per the data gathered and the mixed reviews obtained, we have seen that the site needs proper evaluation and going through all the reviews available on the reviewing platforms, before visiting. Visit here to learn more about customer reviews for this platform.

Can you prove the site reliable? Then justify your opinion below. 

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