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Is Text Rbg to 50409 Scam {Sep} Get Best Reviews Here!

Is Text Rbg to 50409 Scam {Sep} Get Best Reviews Here! -> Send your grievance or sympathy to senators for Justice Ruth’s death in minutes.

Has anybody’s death ever affected you? Many leaders are born and die peacefully by fulfilling social and cultural responsibilities. When they die untimely, they leave a big void in the world. Recently, Justice Ruth Badger Ginsburg died after turning 87 years old. Resist Bot has started a campaign to send letters to senators. Is Text Rbg to 50409 Scam”- We have some exciting details to make you informed. 

Resist bot works in the United States for many causes that are directly presented in the parliament. It is a free service for all of us. We need to type some letters and send them to a universal number. The process of sending letters is quite simple. Let’s check out the details in this post?

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What is text RBG to 50409?

After asking the “what” question, you all have been asking, “Is Text Rbg to 50409 Scam?” on social media platforms. There is nothing better than an informative post to resolve your queries. Text RBG is a campaign started by RESIST BOT to send your automated letters to the senators. 

Who is RBG- Ruth Badge Ginsburg?

RBG is a highly qualified and educated woman who fought for women’s equal rights and legit justice. She is popular in the United States since the 1970s. The parliament’s members and senators say that she is the backbone of the functional judiciary system. Many people relied on her for justice. She ensured that trials are carried out with dignity and entire truth. 

She had pancreatic cancer that worsened in September 2020. The resting place is in the United States. She was a judge and epitome of equal rights in the US. Her death has left the entire nation in shock and melancholic conditions because of the following reasons:

  • Her death leads to profound consequences for the United States and the court.
  • The liberal wing’s leader is gone, and it does not know how to perform for real justice.
  • The new court term is coming into effect, but RBG is not here to control it.
  • The chief justice has no control over the closed contests’ votes. 

Customer Feedback:

“Is Text Rbg to 50409 Scam is another keyword that is top-searched on the google. You will get many articles that may counteract the legitimacy level. However, Text RBG is associated with RESIST BOT, a public service for sending important letters to senators. The given number-50409 is authentic and currently in function. Besides, thousands of users have already sent their message to the senators. 

Final Verdict:

Resist Bot is a public service that sends automated and detailed letters to the parliament and politicians. Therefore, “Is Text Rbg to 50409 Scam?” is baseless to ask. Justice Ruth’s death has shocked the entire nation. You can send your messages to senators. Have you sent an automated letter yet? Please tell us in the comments.

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