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Is Willfulshop Scam Or Legit {Dec} Check Reviews Here

This post on Is Willfulshop Scam or Legit will discuss the website’s features, legitimacy details, and positive and negative points.

Do you love dolls and plush toys? Are you searching for a website to purchase plush toys and dolls? If yes, then let us introduce you to a website named Willfulshop. Willfulshop store in the United States and the United Kingdom sells a diverse collection of dolls and plush toys on their website. If you want to purchase from this website, please read this post on Is Willfulshop Scam or Legit.

Essential details of Willfulshop

It is advisable to learn some primary information about the website before shopping from this website. Some of the critical information on this website is listed below:

  • Website creation date: Willfulshop was registered on 13th September 2022, which means this website is just two months old
  • Registrar: Alibaba Cloud Computing Ltd. was the registrar of the Willfulshop website
  • Trust score: Willfulshop has a trust score of 1%, predicting this website is very doubtful
  • Data protection: Willfulshop makes sure to protect the privacy of customers with HTTPS protocol
  • Customer’s views: We found some outstanding Willfulshop Reviews on the official website of the shop
  • Social media accounts: We were unable to detect any social media accounts of Willfulshop
  • Missing credentials: We didn’t find the website’s phone number; other than that, everything was available.

Introduction to Willfulshop 

Willfulshop sells a range of handmade dolls and plush toys on its website. They claim to sell all the products at excellent quality. Some of the products offered by them are listed below:

  • Handmade Waldorf Doll
  • Plush toys

Features of Willfulshop

  • URL: https://willfulshop.com/
  • Email ID: service@willfulshop.com
  • Phone number: The contact number of this website is unavailable, which raises the question Is Willfulshop Scam or Legit?
  • Address: Pallaswiesenstraβe 180,64293 Darmstadt’ Germany
  • Return policy: Customers can return their products within 45 working days
  • Refund policy: Refunds will be sent to the customer’s account within 14 days of returns
  • Shipping Policy: The shipping policy is explained on the website, but the days on which products will be delivered were not detected
  • Payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Maestro and Diners club international are some of the payment options available on the website

Positive features

  • The email ID and company address are explained on the website

Negative features

  • The website did not explain the phone number and the number of days on which the product will be delivered.

Willfulshop Reviews

Willfulshop has some fantastic reviews on its official website, where people appreciate the quality and condition of the products. Customers also shared pictures of the products and said that the products were perfect gifts. Buyers gave 4.9 stars out of 5 to the website. Besides this, we found some reviews of Willfulshop on online review sites where customers gave 3.9 stars out of 5 to the website. One customer said that this website sells awful quality products and changes names when it has terrible reviews. Other than this, the ranking of Willfulshop is 58.4 out of 100. Additionally, buyers can inspect various credit card scams through this article.


To summarize this post on Is Willfulshop Scam or Legit, Willfulshop is a two-month-old website with a terrible trust score. Also, the life expectancy of this website is very short. We will advise customers to research this website and find out if it is genuine. Interested readers can read this post about the methods to stay away from PayPal scammers. Please click on this link to learn more about dolls 

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Is Willfulshop Scam or Legit – FAQs

Q.1 What does Willfulshop sell?

Answer: Willfulshop sells a collection of dolls and plush toys

Q.2 How old is the Willfulshop store?

Answer: Willfulshop is just two months old

Q.3 What are the social media handles of Willfulshop?

Answer: The social media handles of Willfulshop is not available on their website

Q.4 Has Willfulshop provided its customer care number?

Answer: No, the customer care number of Willfulshop is not available on its website

Q.5 How to contact Willfulshop?

Answer: Readers can contact Willfulshop through the email address provided in this post

Q.6 What are the customers saying about Willfulshop?

Answer: During our research on Is Willfulshop Scam or Legit, we found many good reviews on the official website of the shop, but there are some negative reviews on the online review sites

Q.7 What is the trust score of Willfulshop?

Answer: The trust score of Willfulshop is just 1%

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