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Is Youranoncentral Legit [June] Activists or Hackers?

Is Youranoncentral Legit [June] Activists or Hackers? -> In this article, you will read about Youranoncentral.

Have you ever heard of hackers? If so, then you must have also heard of Anonymous hacktivists. No one knows who they are. But Is Youranoncentral legit?

There have been several kinds of activists who protest against something they feel is not fair, and then there are hackers who hack the accounts for wrongful purposes. No one could ever think of some hackers who turn out to be activists and bring out something positive. 

Youranoncentral is one such hacktivist. They are widely known in the United State for cyberattacks against government agencies. 

Let us find out more about them in the article here. 

Is Youranoncentral legit?

A publisher, a movement, hacker, or activists, call whatever you may feel like, but they need not have a real name to be legit. The people and the government of the United States verify them. They do have social accounts. They are also described by the free encyclopedia named Wikipedia. 

All this is more than sufficient to be termed real. Read further to know who Youranoncentral are and what do they do.

What is Youranoncentral

Anonymous is a group of people who are decentralized international activists and hackers known for cyberattacks against the government authorities, government institutions, corporations, and the agencies operated by the government. They came into existence in 2003 on 4chan, which is an imageboard. 

The members of Anonymous are known as Anons wear the Guy Fawkes masks associated with the movie V for Vendetta. However, not all wear these masks but prefer to stay anonymous by usually covering their faces. Some of them also prefer to use text-to-speech programs or voice changers to mask their voice. 

They supported the Occupy Movement and Wikileaks publicly. Nonetheless, many people were arrested for being a part of the anonymous group in different countries like the United States, Turkey, Spain, India, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. 

Anons were also known as digital Robin Hoods and freedom fighters. Furthermore, critics called them as cyber terrorists or cyber lynch-mob. In 2012, it was listed in “100 most influential people” in the world by the Time.

Let us know why they are famous.

Why is Youranoncentral in trend?

They have been famous for the way they publicize cybersecurity threats. Many agencies feared that Anonymous could disable the power grid of the U.S. 

Their actions against the child porn websites were said to be counterproductive, although their intentions were commended as fair.  

Specifications of Youranoncentral:

  • Username: Youranoncentral
  • Famously known as: Anonymous or Anons
  • Also known as: Digital Robinhoods, Freedom Fighters
  • Critics call them as: Cyber lynch-mob, Cyber terrorists
  • Cyberattacks targets: Government agencies, PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, Sony, the Westboro Baptist Church, etc
  • Publicly supported: Wikileaks, Occupy Movement
  • Related groups: LulzSec, Operation AntiSec

Public opinion on Youranoncentral

In 2011, Quinn Norton said that they are not the personal army of yours and that there are rules. He also said that whatever they do never goes according to the plan because there are no neat endings on the internet. He added, “The trickster is attracted to change and the need for change, and that’s where Anonymous goes.”

Parmy Olsen, a Forbes journalist, accepted that Anonymous might have performed some good work when they supported the pro-democracy demonstrators in the Middle East. Yet, she also criticized them for stealing and posting the customer data online just for fun.

Their main aim is to establish corruption and hypocrisy. They recently posted an image on twitter answering the question, “Who is Yourannonnews?” The public could be seen supporting them while some even seek their help online by posting in their comments and messaging them.

Although they disappeared for some time now, they are back over the death of George Floyd, a black person living in the United States.


Anonymous is a group of hacktivists who speak against something which is not right. They were termed as a flock of birds as they are group because Landers believed in 2008 that there could be any number of people leaving or joining the group flying in the same direction. And if they feel off, they will fly in another direction. 

No one can ever be sure enough to state them as a hero or antihero. But it cannot be denied that they are loved by the people and many others who could see their good intentions in their actions to cyberattack those who are doing wrong.

Do you have any other information about these hacktivists? Do share your views here in the comments section below.

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