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Janenobly Website Reviews [April 2020] Is Good or Not!

Janenobly Website Reviews [April 2020] Is Good or Not! -> Hopefully, this website reviews help you find what you’re looking for.

Have you ever wondered why you wear the same pair of shoes everywhere you go? Is it scary when people judge you with the type of shoes you wear? People of various age groups need footwear which protects your feet from climate, dirt etc. and that has become a fashion statement these days. According to studies, your shoes determine how much you earn. Isn’t that crazy because no one would have ever thought of shoes in that context?

There are various varieties of shoes or footwear for women. Everyone knows that women are passionate about their fashion sense and are very choosy about what they get. In this article, we will find out if Janenobly website reviews turn out to be in their favor or not.

Let’s find out if Janenobly website is legit or not.

What Is Janenobly.com? 

Janenobly is an online store for exciting and edgy footwear. They have a collection of sneakers, boots, shoes, sandals. They believe in providing fashionable and trendy footwear to their customers. Footwear is all about comfort, design, and quality. It gives you immense confidence when you wear the right shoe on the right occasion 

They believe in providing good quality and trendy shoes for everyone. They believe in keeping their customers updated with new fashion and trends on shoes for men and women. They offer a worldwide fashion of shoes on their website. Their vision is to provide compelling designs along with exceptional value quality and superb customer service.

Who’s This For? 

To all those who are more into fashion irrespective of what category it is, this is the right place for you. They offer exciting brands along with emerging designers to give their customers the best look that they can find online or in a physical store. Fashion is simpler and the style is trendier. So all you got to be is simply trendy.

Benefits of Using Janenobly.com

In this janenobly website reviews let’s see what benefits they offer. 

Online shopping has become the new gig for people of various generations. It took over a million lives in very less time. People now rely more on online stores that going to a physical store. There are a lot of things that you should know about a website before shopping.


  • Offers variety for both genders
  • Prices have VAT included
  • Variety of colours


  • Customers need to return their products.
  • No COD.

Features of Janenobly.com

There are a lot of features that a website need to have so that they are steps ahead of their competitors. Let us find out what they offer. 


All the products that are displayed have VAT inclusive. As they deliver worldwide they have every country’s appropriate tax so that they cannot be accused of any unethical activity. If in any case the product is not shipped, a refund will be initiated to your wallet in your Janenobly website account or to your account through which the payment was done. Delivery charges are not included in the product price hence they will be charged later. There are chances that the prices may change any time but that shall not affect the orders that have already been placed and paid.


They believe in providing minimum packaging standards that are required for transportation. If you need any special packaging that needs to be paid by you.

Shipping and Deliveries

They ship from different warehouses in different countries. Orders that are more in number are split into packages so that they can deliver within seven working days of the order being placed. They aim to deliver within seven days of the order being placed in case you did not receive your order within ten days, Kindly contact the customer service.

Return of product  

Products can be returned in the given number of days, return policies differ from country to country. To know about it, you can contact customer care for some detailed information. Items with the wrong size or quality issues can be exchanged. The items which cannot be returned or exchanged are bodysuit, lingerie, sleepwear, jewellery and accessories. The product should be in their original form and they should not be worn, washed, and they should be in their original packaging with their original invoice.


In this Janenobly website reviews, we have learned how this website caters to their customers and what all features they provide and where they lack. They ask their customers to return their products on their own which is not how an online store should be doing. Some of the things that they offer are exceptional like the variety of products and the variation in colours that they offer are incredible.

Janenobly website reviews have been a great source to shop for trendy and fashionable products. So if you are looking for something like this then go ahead and shop from Janenobly.com

0 thoughts on “Janenobly Website Reviews [April 2020] Is Good or Not!

  1. I ordered a pair of shoes on March 22 and I still have not received them. I have been kind and patient and now all I would like is my money refunded to my credit card. Please. Enough is enough. All I’m getting is my shoes are stuck at the post office. I don’t even want them anymore. I just want a refund. Can anyone help me with that?

    1. Same They told me the same thing I ordered them on April 5th it is may 5th really feeling like this is a scam I would rather have my money back as well

    2. I ordered my shoes on April 13th and never got mine either. Says a label was created but FedEx never got package. I think I got scammed too. Need to spread the word.

    3. Same I think I even ordered my shoes on the same day as well and the tracking also says stuck at the post office. This is ridiculous. I am going to report fraud.

  2. I ordered a pair of sneakers on March 30th and I have still not received them. When I reached out they gave me a tracking number saying the information was sent to fed ex on April 04. It is now May 04 and I still have not gotten anything. When I reached out to fed ex they explained to me that the information was sent but they have not received a package to send out. I’m definitely thinking this is a scam!

  3. I ordered shoes on March 31st and still have not received them! I messaged them and got no response. It wasn’t until I posted on their Facebook that they messaged me back. My order was still unprocessed. I asked to just Cancel my order and refund me the money. They declined, processed my order and then told me that it was with the shipper (FedEx) and was no longer their problem. I contacted FedEx, they had created the shipping label for the shoes but have yet to receive the shoes to ship!!! It’s been 41 days since I ordered these shoes and payed for them!!! This “business” is such a scam! They refuse to answer my emails, messages or anything. So unprofessional!!! I don’t even want the product now, I just want a refund. I will never be shopping with them again.

  4. This is exactly the same thing that is happening to me now!! I ordered 4 pairs and received nothing. I haven’t even received a tracking number but they say they are shipped. I really just want my money back also and i will go somewhere else.

  5. Same thing it’s saying the order shipped may 4th it’s never arrived.i can’t get anyone to reply to my emails,I need a customer service number to call them.its saying a FedEx label has been printed but FedEx doesn’t have the package.someone help me please.

      1. Right. Such a shame these folks fot scammed. I always read reveiews before I deal w/any company-PERIOD!

  6. Hello everyone,

    If you paid it with PayPal you can have the charge disputed with PayPal and they reach out to the vender in youth behalf and get you your money back or they ask the vendor where is your merchandise. Thank you for your feedback I was about to order from them.

  7. DO NOT SHOP WITH THEM! I ordered shoes May 14th. I didn’t receive a tracking number. I tried emailing but your email is full. I messaged on Instagram and was given a fake tracking number and was told to go to FedEx. The next day I received a tracking email with a different tracking number telling. When I clicked on the link it said that my package was delivered May 13 which is impossible as I didn’t place my order until May 14th. I know I will probably not get my money back but I just want everyone to know this is a scam. Oh and then they blocked me off of Instagram

  8. I ordered 2 pair on April 24th, its now May 31st and no shoes. I’ve sent several emails that got a quick response, but only says my order is on the way. Super mad I didnt get my shoes. Has anyone here ever received their shoes? Or a refund?

  9. They need to do something about these fake online stores that’s advertising through social media! I think I got scam as well! That’s why I’m going to contact pay pal and stick with stores I know that’s legit..


  11. Thank goodness for reviews! I appreciate you for leaving them. I was definitely about to order some shoes, but never mind. The prices are too good to be true anyways. Not ordering from them and I hope others read the reviews before they order.

  12. I ordered shoes on April 24 it is now June 16 still no shoes. I think this is a scam site. Please share do not order shoes from this site
    Deborah Clayton Trudeau

  13. I’m still waiting on an order I placed April 20th. They sent a tracking # which just says a label has been created. I emailed back to check the status and they say they have to resend it so after a while they sent another tracking # which says the same thing that a label was created. At this point I just want my money back. It should never take this long to receive anything. Definitely a scam.

  14. Looks like this is the way of this online store of running business, I also ordered April 5th some shoes, it is now June 20. I asked for my money back and they said my order already shipped out and can’t issue a refund. It’s a scam! Do not buy from here!

  15. Sad to say I read these reviews too late, I had order 4 pairs of shoes for a great deal at the end of May.Guess I didn’t consider it was too good to be true. Its been a whole month later and my package is still in transit mode, no movement or updates since the beginning of June. I am proceeding to dispute it with PayPal. Big Scam. Stay away.

  16. They will take your money and you will not get your product. I received the wrong size shoes after months and they refuse to refund. Offered 30% and told me to give the shoes to friends. Told me I would have to pay to ship back even though they shipped the wrong product.


  17. I received my order after a month and an half AFTER filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. The writing on the package was in Chinese but the order shipped from NH. Something is very suspect about this company ORDER AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

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