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Jsmdicas Com Whatsapp {Feb} Know What’s Available On It!

Read about the GBWhatsApp version offered on Jsmdicas.com that is fully customizable. Know exclusive details of Jsmdicas com Whatsapp.

WhatsApp from Meta features several user-friendly features and facilities. Though WhatsApp from Meta has also updated several new features such as disappearing messages, hiding users’ online status, etc., people are looking for more customization features that can give maximum control on the WhatsApp.

Did you know that Jsmdicas.com is a platform where various posts related to applications and the latest news and trends are hosted? Read about a third-party ban-proof application – GBWhatsApp in Brazil at Jsmdicas com Whatsapp pages.

Brief of Jsmdicas.com Whatsapp:

Jsmdicas.com is a website registered in Brazil in September 2021. However, one year and five months after its registration, it gained a Zero Alexa ranking and a terrible 1% trust score. Furthermore, Jsmdicas.com has a short life expectancy and expires within the next seven months. 

The analysis of Jsmdicas.com shows that it is a suspicious website with a high threat profile that may target your personal and payment information, may install mini-apps, Trojans, and ads on your device, and the website could utilize your contact details to send you a huge number of spam messages. 

The Jsmdicas com Whatsapp pages are present on Instagram with account ID @jaymeeofc but uses an internet service to censor the details of its owner and contact details. The terms and privacy policy content of Jsmdicas.com is found plagiarized. 

Jsmdicas.com allows importing 45.82MB .APK file name GBWA+_V12.20-By.SamMods and more than 2k themes, both from third-party developers.

About Whatsapp application on Jsmdicas.com:

Jsmdicas.com allows you to import GBWhatsApp version 12.20, developed by a third party. The GBWhatsApp allows you to take its control fully and lets you modify the appearance, icon, themes, and settings to make you invisible to your contacts. In addition, the GBWhatsApp comes with the below features:

  1. Up to 3 different Jsmdicas com Whatsapp accounts are supported on the same device
  2. Supports up to 3 MB Images
  3. Auto Reply
  4. Message Scheduler
  5. Broadcast To Group
  6. Modify Chats
  7. Mass Messages can broadcast to many groups/chats
  8. Mark as Seen/Opened for View Once
  9. Five minutes status option
  10. GBWA unread counter not centered

Advantages of GBWahtsApp from Jsmdicas.com:

  • Ban proof
  • Supports sending up to 90 images
  • More than 2K Themes mods and Theme Server
  • Supports video size up to 30 MB
  • Supports status words up to 250
  • Zoom for profiles footage
  • Emojis Changer
  • Statistics for group
  • Bubbles vogue Mod
  • An identifier for traditional and broadcast messages
  • Support xls,pdf,txt,ppt,doc,vcard,rtf,xlsx,docx,pptx, and zip file formats
  • Copy and Paste status

Disadvantages of Jsmdicas com Whatsapp:

  • The most significant disadvantage of GBWhatsApp is that it is the unofficial version that is not from Meta and not included on Google Play and Apple stores.


Though GBWhatsApp has many user-friendly features, it is not legitimate. GBWhatsApp is from third-party application developers that do not guarantee the security of your chats, calls, and data on GBWhatsapp. Furthermore, though GBWhatsApp lets you customize its looks and feel, it still remains as an Unsecured Application. Hence, not recommended. 

Were reviews of GBWhatsApp from Jsmdicas.com informative? Let us know by commenting below on this write-up on Jsmdicas com Whatsapp.

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