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Kiansantan com Review {April} Is This Site Legit Or Not!

The below article gives all the details to check the legitimacy of the website through Kiansantan com Review.

Are you familiar with the site Kiansantan but confused about investing money in it? Please read this article till the end to know about it. Online sites are gaining popularity worldwide. Shopping online has increased astonishingly in the last few years. 

The primary cause of increasing shopping online is it saves them time and chaos of going outside. We have a first-hand idea of shopping online. This article discussed the legitimacy of the Kiansantan site by going through the Kiansantan com Review.

Details About The Site

Kiansantan.com is an online site that deals with the outfits of both men and women, fashionable hanging chairs, and other accessories. When we talk about style, a good dressing sense is the essential factor.

We see that this site claims to provide items of good material and fashion to the customers. They ensure product quality and claim that people will have a good experience shopping from their site. This site offers –

  • Men Polo Shirt
  • Men Activewear
  • Women Top
  • Hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Women’s Shirts And Blouse
  • Women Dresses
  • Women Denim
  • Good hanging chair

But before buying an item from this site, let us clarify: Kiansantan Legit?


  • Website Type: It is an online domain that provides its customers to do online shopping from this site.
  • E-Mail:  info@kiansantan.com              
  • Website: https://www.kiansantan.com/
  • Contact Number: Not Available
  • Contact Address: The headquarter of kiansantan is located in Liverpool, L33 7SZ, UK, Uz002- Matalan Perimeter Road, Knowsley Industrial Park, Knowsley
  • Opening Times: 10 AM -7.30 PM (From Monday To Friday)
  • Sort or Filter: Present
  • Shipping Policies: Shipping will be done between 1-and 7 working days. Very few products take more time in shipping than the earlier mentioned.
  • Return Policies: 14-days return policy is available. 
  • Payment Option: while looking for Kiansantan com Review, we found various modes of payment are available here

Positive Aspects

  • This site offers good discounts on items.
  • Flexible returning and refund policy
  • Products are claimed to be made of suitable materials.
  • The E-mail address is there for the customer. They can contact us here if any problem arises regarding purchasing or returning.

Negative Aspects

  • The Trust score is low, only 1%.
  • No reviews are present on the official site, or other trusted reviewing portals. 
  • No HTTP is detected for this site.
  • Website is very new to be trusted. 

Is Kiansantan Legit Or Not?

  • Website Creation Date: The domain was created on 21st March 2022. So, this domain has just completed its 1 month. It’s a new website that has been introduced to the market.
  • Website Expiry Date: The expiration date of the website is 21st March 2023. So the lifespan of this site is just one year.
  • Ranking In Alexa: Alexa is not giving any rank to this website.
  • Trust Score Of The Website: Trust score of this site is low, only 1%.
  • The Owner identity: The owner’s identity is unknown.
  • Kiansantan com Review – No reviews are available on the official site and other trusted website reviewing portals.
  • The Legitimacy Of The Contact Address: the address on the Google Maps cannot be verified. Hence we cannot say whether the given address is authentic.
  • Social Media Links: No social media links are present.
  • Owner’s details – the details are verified as per WHOIS, but details are not present on the official portal.
  • Security – no HTTPS security is enabled. Hence the data can be retrieved by other users. 

We cannot say that the website is legit from the above points. Hence, we need to check the reviews in detail as customer feedback gives a transparent image for the online shopping portals.

Kiansantan com Review

We do not find any reviews of the site by the customer. Reviews play a very crucial role in identifying the product. People love to read feedback from the customers on the site about a particular product before purchasing anything from that site.

The absence of customer reviews loses the credibility of any online shopping site. Though we see, there is a section on Kiansantan’s official site where the site’s authority asks for comment. Still, no comment is found, which is very disappointing. Refer it if you Get Your Money Back From PayPal if you were Scammed.


Due to the lack of Kiansantan com Review, we are not convinced about its legitimacy. So, we will tell our readers not to purchase from this site. Those who are reading this article, please comment on this article. You can also ask about this site in the comment section.

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