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Killua Aut {Sep 2021} Get Funny Character Information!

Please read this article to know everything about Killua Aut and its abilities and acquire the character.

Are you aware of the new Roblox game called A Universal Time? Have you heard about a powerful secret character hidden in the game? Are you wondering what to do to get a new character? Have you heard about Killua? Then follow this article to know how to get this new character and its abilities.

The character Killua Aut is very powerful in the game ‘A Universal Time.’ It is a very popular acquisition in Canada and the United States, and all the players and fans are eager yet unaware of how to acquire Killua.

What is ‘A Universal Time (AUT)’?

A Universal Time (AUT) is an online game based on strategy and adventure genres. It is a fun game of a popular Japanese series called JJBA. The game is a creation of the Universe Time Studio. Players can fight each other to obtain upgrades and do various other things, such as character acquisition.

Killua Aut – How to acquire the character?

The acquisition of the character of Killua, which is primarily an NCP character, but can be acquired as a character, can be done in two ways. 

Firstly, to obtain Killua, the player needs to first go to the beach area and locate a multi-colored beach umbrella. If the chances favor, the players can find Killua is standing near it. Once the player approaches it, it will ask two questions, which the player needs to affirm. Once both the questions are answered in affirmation, Killua’s training manual with some tasks will need to be completed.

Secondly, Killua Aut can be obtained in a very simple but heart-breaking way; if a player fights other characters or NCPs and loses all his stands and characters, he will be awarded the character of Killua. But, this seems to be a tough choice for the players to make.

Abilities of Killua:

The character of Killua is usable in the game, but according to the creators and the studio, the character is not exactly complete to its fullest. But, some of the character abilities that have been come to the notice of the players after acquiring Killua Aut are as follows:

  • Otherworldly Aura: It lasts 28 seconds. Killua is surrounded by a dark aura reducing his damage.
  • The snake awakens: Killua shoots his Yo-Yo and inflicts damage.
  • No Mercy: Grabs the opponent and kicks dealing damage of 18 and then electrocuting it, giving 24 damage.
  • Thunderbolt: Charges the fist and shoots a big ball of electricity.
  • Rhythm Echo: A lot of clones of the character are spawned to confuse the enemy.
  • Onslaught: The character electrocutes him and teleports, leaving everything in damage.
  • Instant Death: Killua’s sharp claws attack that dashes heavy damage to the opponent.


As we conclude, we can all say that Killua Aut is an extremely powerful character present in the AUT game. However, while playing the Roblox game, you must remember that Not all Robux Generators are Safe! The players can acquire the character, but it is better to wait until its complete development since it is not fully ready yet.

You can know in detail about Killua and its abilities

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