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Kiribati Wordle {March 2022} Insterested, Read Details!

This news is a complete insight into the trending content of puzzles that provides relevant details and facts for Kiribati Wordle.

Have you solved the Oceania country puzzle? Do you know which country is ranking first in the puzzle? If not, read below for more information.

Players from Ireland, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, and Australia compete for the top country scores to rank first worldwide. With the last puzzle, the game questions oceanic countries! The new players are trying to identify how to score best and get the game free!

Read the news below and get brief details about Kiribati Wordle for further descriptions!

Oceania Version of Wordle

After handing over the Wordle to New York Times Square for new updates in trends, new puzzle categories were introduced. In addition, Oceania countries and locations related to all the countries like New Zealand, and Marshall Islands were categorized for quiz questions.

Since March 2022, the game has uploaded an ongoing competition among the players of each country. Based on the country ranking, the players have to score best in the 24 challenges of puzzle guessing. The trending game has its magic on the players as the popularity has reached lakhs in one week.

Read more about the hints given for the last quiz on Kiribati Game!

Stats Of The Countries In Wordle

Looking at the records of users engaged in solving puzzles on Wordle, plates from worldwide are connected. For example, after the Oceania puzzle game update, more than 17 country players compete in regular motion. Countries like Belgium, and South Africa, among Denmark, have equal scores usually. 

On average, players guess the answer after three attempts. Users from Poland are quick together and score the third position till yet. Players from Belgium ranked 4th, and players from Finland ranked 6th. The list continues until the 17th position, where Canada and the US keep exchanging wordle bottom positions.

Kiribati Wordle: Steps To Play

Introduced by John, this application for online puzzles makes a reasonable effort for developing accurate information among users. However, a player must know the strategies to score the highest. Read below for identifying the tricks to play:-

  • Visit the official website of Wordle puzzle.
  • Select the option for the Oceania puzzle on the right-hand side
  • Within eight attempts, the user must solve the puzzle with the help of hints given below
  • Avoid using the grey box and exchange the yellow for correct order and sequence
  • Do not play without reading the hint!

Answer for Last Kiribati Game

As a trending puzzle application, the game runs with a 24-hour challenge for each puzzle day to solve. Unfortunately, many users cannot identify the name of the country yet. Hence the answer for the 28th of March puzzle is Kiribati.


In Conclusion, this news indicates that many countries are involved in the online puzzle. Such games develop a decent brainstorming scale and update news about the countries. Therefore, we suggest users try the game.

Are you aware that the answer for the 28th of March puzzle is Kiribati Wordle? Comment below your answer for the last parcel of the 27th of March!

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