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Knot And Tuck Mask (Feb 2021) Is This Really Helpful?

Knot And Tuck Mask (Feb 2021) Is This Really Helpful? >> The write-up shares details of the news report regarding the double masking in the states.

Knot and Tuck Mask: Unfailing and proper use of the facial mask is vital to prevent spreading and fighting against COVID-19 viruses. Facial masks work as a barrier when appropriately worn; unfortunately, not all masks are designed to offer the ultimate protection. The mentioned mask is proved to be the practical solution for protection against viruses and infections.   

When choosing a facial mask for protection, look at how well it filters out the allergens, how well it fits, and the number of layers the mask has. Double masking is considered highly reliable by CDC when it comes to preventing viruses and infection in the United States

Knot and Tuck Mask: What is Double Masking?

Double Masking or Dual Masking is a facial mask with dual layers of protection. It means wearing a surgical face mask under the regular fabric or cloth mask. According to the CDC in the United States, double masking offers a higher level of protection against air borne allergens and viruses. 

CDC (Center for Disease Control) has released a report last Wednesday stating that double masking can protect people from COVID-19 viruses and prevent the infectious person from spreading it to others. 

The report also highlights some mask-wearing methods. Using those methods can protect the users from infection and those around them when in public. Wearing Knot and Tuck Mask over the surgical mask can improve the protection level and prevent the spreading of COVID-19 viruses. 

Essential Aspects of Mask Wearing

  • It is vital to ensure that the mask you are wearing fits snugly over your face. Small gaps between your mouth and nose may allow air with droplets to leak in air. 
  • You must ensure to choose a mask with multiple layers to keep your droplets in and other’s droplets out. The facial mask with multiple layers helps prevent the respiratory droplets from entering the mask and escaping outside the mask in the air.  

What is the New CDC Report on Knot and Tuck Mask?

The new report by CDC has confirmed that a surgical mask can block only 42% of allergens and particles. The report is created based on simulated breathing experiments. 

Dual masking is proved more effective and can prevent viruses and allergens from infecting the wearer. A surgical mask and a fabric mask are found more useful, blocking 83% of allergens than unmasked users. 

The knotting and tucking of the surgical mask can minimize your exposure to allergens up to 65%. As per the report, it is useful to combine a surgical mask and cloth mask to create double masking. 

On the official website of CDC, they have given the procedure via video on how to make Knot and Tuck Mask, and people respond positively for it.

Final Verdict

As per the Centre for Disease Control, Washington, D.C, and 14 other states have masking authorizations. The new administration has issued a report urging people to wear double masks when entering or using a federal property. 

Anyone using public transportation or places must wear a double mask or N95 mask to prevent the spreading of the COVID-19 virus. 

Are you an active user of Knot and Tuck Mask? Kindly share your views and experiences in the comments section.

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