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Korean Personal Color Test {Mar} Know About Your Color

Korean Personal Color Test {Mar} Know About Your Color -> Are you not able to decide which color dress will suit you the most? Read the article and know the answer.

Do you want to know your skin color? In today’s article, we are going to share details of the Korean Personal Color Test. Worldwide; people love to wear dresses according to their skin color. Skin color plays a significant role in deciding the color which will suit your body.

We will see steps that are required to follow to take the test. We will also tell you the advantages of knowing your personal color and what flaws are highlighted if you are unaware of it.

What is Personal color?

Personal color is the unique color which is commonly used in the fashion industry. It helps us to determine the color of clothes and make-up that will add charm to our personality. The testing is based on your eye color, hair color, and complexion. 

Korean Personal Color Test is a way to know your personal color. We will tell you how to perform it, so carry on with your reading.

By knowing your unique color you can fill your wardrobe with the best outfits. If you are unaware of your unique color, your certain flaws ultimately highlight on your skin. This includes wrinkles, uneven skin color, whereas perfect color can make you look fresh and gorgeous. In Korea most women are aware of their skin color. 

How to perform the Korean Personal Color Test?

  1. Look at your wrist and try to know the color of your vein. Either it would be green or blue. Green symbolizes warm and blue symbolizes cool.
  2. Now check which color of lipstick suits you the most, peach or pink. You have to apply both colors on your lips and check which side of your skin looks brighter. In case peach color suits you the most, then it symbolizes warm and pink indicates cool.
  3. Now check the color of the top that looks good on you ivory or white? White represents cool, and ivory represents warm.
  4. Is your hair brown or black? Because Korean Personal Color Test also checks the hair color to know your skin tone. If your hairs are black, then your skin tone is cool otherwise warm.
  5. Out of green, brown, orange or pink, blue, red, which color looks brighter on your nails? Brown, green, oranges show warm tone.
  6. Now, determine the color of your skin. Yellow will indicate warm, and pink will indicate cool.
  7. The last step is the determination of the type of personality. If you are lovely or sexy, then your skin tone is warm, and if you look innocent, then your skin tone is cool.


We have shared seven-question which are included in Korean Personal Color Test. By answering them correctly, you will come to know your skin tone. Once you know it, you can use your skin tone to choose hair color, nail paints, and jewelry.

Which color clothes you love to wear the most? Share your views in the comment section.

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