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Kproxy Com Reviews [June] Is It a Fake Scam or Genuine?

Kproxy Com Reviews  [June] Is It a Fake Scam or Genuine? -> This research is for assessing the legitimacy of a site that keeps you anonymous while you are browsing any website.

Do you want the security of your data while working on the Internet? Then Kproxy Com Reviews is for you only.

As per the designer of a website, you can visit any website via Kproxy.com, as an unknown person. So that your identity will not get recognized, but before using such a website, we must analyze the website’s validity in detail. Whether a site is legit or not needs verification. Without such prior clarification, if we use the website, Our DATA may go to a wrong hand. We may miss many golden opportunities for making use of the Internet for our benefit

This Review is for assessing the legitimacy of the website because, in the United States, many sites have been found as a scam.

Let us not forget to pay attention to a few crucial issues. kproxy is a website having no source. Also, we have to pay our attention that proxy service is useless if it can be abandoned at any time. How does kproxy perform on these points so far?

What is kproxy.com

Kproxy is a service provider website. It is not dealing with physical items. Services available are of two types. Firstly we can surf any website as an unknown person; it means our identity will remain hidden. Secondly, we can visit a blocked or hidden website also.

The approach of working is simple. Either you connect via your mobile, your laptop, or via third party connection; you remain hidden because of one primary reason. The relationship between the browser and the targeted server gets converted into a code.

There is a provision of Facebook on the website. Thus while clicking on a Facebook customer can give their opinion, and via advertisement, the site can earn lots of wealth.

Specifications of kproxy.com

  • Website type: Service of proxy
  • Website: https://kproxy.com/index.jsp
  • Address: Sumalab Digital, S.L.N.E. Adolfo y Victor Sanz, 2 28702, San Sebastián de Los Reyes, Madrid
  • Email Address: Given in Contact Us column
  • Contact us: Technical contact: support@kproxy.com, Commercial contact: sales@kproxy.com
  • Delivery: immediate
  • Shipping: Not applicable
  • Return/Refund: 30 days
  • Payment: Approach not mentioned
  • Contact Number: not given

Pros of kproxy.com

  • You can browse the Internet by keeping your identity hidden.
  • Any website which has been blocked can be accessed.
  • It is supported by social media like Facebook.
  • It is free to be used.
  • It also offers the guarantee of keeping your DATA hidden
  • All the benefits which are available of using a proxy server is being provided by kproxy.com at no cost.
  • These days open WIFI-network is freely available at Coffee shops & restaurants. Hence we can access any website while working from there.

Cons of kproxy .com

  • With the help of kproxy.com, we get the chance On Google Chrome only to browse any website anonymously.
  • Though the online version, only other browsers can be used.
  • Limited time is available for surfing, which is 30 minutes. Then you can log in again after 30 minutes.

Is website legit

Based on our analysis and research, it can be concluded that website kproxy.com appears to be safe and legit; the domain is 15 years old. Without any suspicious words, website popularity is also high.

Most of the other is reviews also mentioning the site as legit, customer views are mixed, but more are towards its positive side.

Opinion of Customer

In the website provision of social media, the icon has been made and has been used many times. Eleven thousand six hundred twenty-six customers have sent their positive feedback or sought the answers to their queries.

Customers are positive about the website because of many reasons. It is free to use; you need not install anything extra in your device for making use of these services, the site is taking guarantee of keeping the user anonymous by making use of many features.

The website can be easily uninstalled without making use of any changes in your device. Even the DATA which you have scanned cannot be raced by others.


Because the website seems legit, hence it is in our interest to use it regularly to keep our DATA on the safer side.

The domain is also using .com hence projects it to be a website of legitimate ground.

Whenever we want, we can install this website or uninstall the site from our device. It can be done quickly.

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