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Lady Gaga Inauguration YouTube {Jan 2021} A ceremony

Lady Gaga Inauguration YouTube {Jan 2021} -> Follow this news article to know more about the moments during the swearing-in inauguration ceremony of Biden-Harris at the Capitol.

And a very auspicious day, it was, for the people of the United States, when President Joe Biden had his inauguration. Lady Gaga, an American Singer has given her best singing performance at the president anniversary at US capitol. All the photos, posted on Lady Gaga’s Twitter and Instagram account, were from inside the Capitol, but the main focus was the outfit carried out by Lady Gaga.

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Further, she mentioned how precious the moments were during the performance, and she also called the inauguration day “a day of peace for all the Americans, a day for love, not hatred.”

The History of Celebrities Performing at Capitol

The history dates back to when Franklin D Roosevelt had his part in 1941. The performance there was having classic performers and the audiences. From Irving Berlin to Charlie Chaplin, other celebrities were there too.  

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The component of celebrities performing at the Capitol increased over time passes, and the starriest inauguration was at the time of John F. Kennedy back in 1961. Frank Sinatra hosted that glittery time.

After that, during Barack Obama, Arena Franklin sang “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee” at the swearing-in.

Lady Gaga on Her Social Media

After a stunning performance at the Capitol for the Biden-Harris inauguration, Lady Gaga wrote on her Twitter how singing the National Anthem for the American people was an honor. 

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She further stated, “I will sing during a ceremony, a transition, a moment of change. And for me, this year has a significant meaning. She says that she intends to acknowledge the past which have gone will make us learn that what to do in future, that will make us happy at our work and at personal life.. She said that she would sing to the hearts of all people who live on this land.

Apart from just Lady Gaga as well as Jennifer Lopez and Garth Brooks were among popular American entertainers who graced the inauguration ceremony. You can visit Lady Gaga Inauguration YouTube video to see the full performance video.

Lady Gaga’s Outfit at the Inauguration

And among all of the performances, the small parade, the swearing-in moment, the main attraction was towards the outfit which the American Singer Lady Gaga has carried. She is never one to shy away from the significant fashion moment. When she arrived at the Capitol of the United States for the rehearsal, she wore an elegant white cape via Givenchy. And during the inauguration, Gaga’s look was an opted custom from Schiaparelli haute couture design that fitted a navy cashmere jacket. 


Lady Gaga was the only and most elegant attraction throughout the whole swearing-in inauguration ceremony. Her performance on the National Anthem of the U S and how she did not leave everyone amazed with her outfit were also the main attraction in the whole celebration.

Search Lady Gaga Inauguration YouTube to get the full video of her performance.

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