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Lilyattire Com Reviews [June] Is It The Legit Business?

Lilyattire Com Reviews [June] Is It The Legit Business? >> Are you interested in wearing fashionable Indian outfits? Check for this newly created website and find out its legitimacy.

What do you feel about ethnic dresses? Do you like to wear ethnic dresses on occasions? If you do so, then the website that we are reviewing today, which originated from India, provides you the best quality and stylish dresses. As the trend changes continuously, clothing industry also makes changes in its designs and colors. All these features can be seen in Lilyattire website. We will help you find out if you can buy the designer piece from here or not. 

Lilyattire Com Reviews Will further help you gain more knowledge about the legitimacy points for today’s website review.

What is Lilyattire Com? 

Lilyattire Com is an online store that sells ethnic culture dresses. There are various designs and colors we could easily find out the best designer suits and saris with some best color combinations. There is a sale on limited editions in stock, but when we check the social media presence for this website, We get nothing in our hands. For further classification of Is Lilyattire Com Legit, we must go through all the checkpoints to easily find out the legitimacy of this website.


  • https://lilyattire.com/India is the URL to open this website. 
  • As soon as this website receives the SMS in one or two days, the products will be delivered.
  • No shipping cost is required for any of the products.
  • Return or replacement policy available till 15 days after the delivery. 
  • There is no refund available for any product on this website, but replacement is possible.
  • The information to contact this website is as follows:-
  • Adders: G-1, opposite post office ARJUN NAGAR GURGAON,(HR).
  • Anything That could tell us about Lilyattire Com Reviews was not there.
  • Pin code: 122001
  • Phone no.: 872103821
  • Email address: info@faminafab.com
  • Cash on delivery is the only method of payment using this website.

Pros of Lilyattire 

  • A valid HTTPS connection was found for this website.
  • The blacklist domains status did not detect any blacklist engine.
  • A valid certificate for an SSL check was available.

Cons of Lilyattire 

  • The service of WHOIS found a hidden identity of the owner.
  • It is a very new website.
  • Lilyattire Com Reviews Were not available.
  • Very low Alexa rank was found for this website.
  • As we run the analysis process for the content of this upside, it feels continuous.

Is Lilyattire Com trustworthy?

When we talk about the legitimacy of one website, we need to make sure that all its Checkpoints are to be kept in mind. Legitimacy helps us to identify that if we are paying money to scammers or genuine sellers. It isn’t easy to classify that if Is Lilyattire Com Legit. If you want to read the legitimacy points for this website, you must read the points below.

  • Determined the creation age of this website site is 15th of June 2021.  
  • The popularity of this site is very low across the globe.    
  • 3% chances of profile threat is available.   
  • A 3% phishing score was there for this website.
  • A 2.8% score was given to this website for being Legit. 

All the legitimacy points, as mentioned earlier, help to tell that this website is dubious and suspicious.  

What are Lilyattire Com Reviews? 

The most important aspect of the legitimacy of a website is the feedback given by customers. Not all the feedback will be the same in every case, and they will be contradictory, giving us exact knowledge about the website. But on today’s website, no feedback was available, which tells that this website is not to be trusted as no social media presence there on this website, which tells us that this is a website that is not to be trusted.

As the scams through credit card are increasing day by day, we have tried to help you in protecting yourself. Read this

So, we don’t recommend you to buy ethnic wear from this website. 

While making online payments, did you ever face fraud through PayPal? If yes, then the information given below will help you if you read it.


We will make it easy for you that This website is suspicious and dubious. Lilyattire Com Reviews makes it very clear. Hope so today’s website review would help you to identify the legitimacy of this website. 

Which Indian outfit do you like to wear in occasions? Please give your feedback in the comments section given below.


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