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Living Robot Frog (Jan 2021) Scroll Down for Its Reviews

Living Robot Frog (Jan 2021) Scroll Down for Its Reviews >> In this article, you get comprehensive information about the world’s first living and self-healing robots.

Do you agree that science and technology are evolving by leaps and bounds every passing year?

Who would imagine that scientists will be able to create a living robot from the stem cells of frogs?

All this sounds like an episode from a dystopian sci-fi movie! But it is for real.

Researchers from the University of Vermont and Tuft’s University in the United States took the help of supercomputers to create these innovative living machines.

These novel robots come with their food deposits of lipids and protein. Therefore, they can survive for more than a week without additional supplements. However, a nutrient-rich environment can increase their lifespan for many more weeks.

These amazing organisms are called Xenobots or Living Robot Frog.

Let us read the following article to learn more about this marvel of science. 

What is a living robot? 

Scientists have built living robots called Xenobots, from the stem cells of frogs. Stem cells can develop into different types of cells. Taking a cue from this fact, scientists used stem cells from the embryos of frogs and left them to incubate.

They cut the cells and reshaped them to create Xenobots with the help of supercomputers. 

What makes Living Frog Robot different from other robots?

  • Living Frog Robots are not traditional robots. These are a novel class of programmable and living organisms.
  • Living Robot Frog does not have a metal or plastic body and no robotic arms or shiny gears. This biological machine is like a little blob of moving pink flesh.
  • Xenobots can do things that their metal or plastic counterparts cannot do. Some Xenobots come with a hole in their center, which can be used to transport medicines or drugs. According to a defense research agency, Xenobots could also be of help to the military.
  • These robots can even collect microplastics in the oceans, clean up radioactive waste, take medicine inside the human body, or even get inside human arteries to clean plaque. Living Robot Frog can survive in aqueous environments for weeks altogether, without additional nutrients. This makes it perfect for internal drug delivery.
  • Xenobots’ ability to survive inside the human body helps researchers with useful information about cell biology. This can open doors for future development in human health.
  • Xenobots are more environmentally friendly and safer than traditional robots. Traditional robots tend to degrade with time, this can result in harmful health and ecological effects.

Final verdict:

The creators of this revolutionary robot took help from supercomputers, a powerful piece of artificial intelligence.

It is too early to say if their AI could have any wrong intentions to create evil organisms.

Currently, researchers are using this 3-D biological form for the advancement of human health and a host of other tasks.
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