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Loopso Beach Tent Reviews [May] See if it is Legit!

Loopso Beach Tent Reviews [May] See if it is Legit! >> Do you want to shop for a waterproof tent that gives you full comfort? Read the content for the details.

Do you love to spend your holidays on the beaches? Do you want to enjoy a beautiful sunset and your evenings on the seashore? Then here comes the Loopso Beach Tent that can become one of the crucial parts of your trips. 

People in the United States love to spend quality time with families and friends on beaches. A perfect stylish tent can help them stay safe from the rays of the sun and enjoy the view for a long time. If you are excited to purchase this product, you must get well known with Loopso Beach Tent Reviews.

What is Loopso Beach Tent?

It is a beach tent with extraordinary features that maintain the temperature and give us innumerable benefits. For example, protecting your body from harmful sun radiations to cooling your beverages Loopso tent gives many facilities to the buyers.

The tent is spacious with a living space of 57 square ft. Moreover, you need not worry about charging your devices as solar power is utilized to charge your batteries. You can enjoy parties and bonfires with LED lighting.

Is Loopso Beach Tent Legit is not known to us. So we have to get more details of the product to judge its trustworthiness.

How to set up the tent?

Loopso Beach tents can be set up easily by the little efforts of a person. It hardly takes a minute to set and enjoy the features of the beach tent. 

You have to open up all the straps and canopies, and it’s done. If you face any issues, then take the help of the guide available with the beach tent kit. You can learn many tips and tricks to wrap and unwrap the tent in just a few seconds. We will share Loopso Beach Tent Reviews soon, so stay connected and keep reading the content.

Specifications of Loopso Beach Tent

  • Type of product – it’s a spacious tent to enjoy quality time on beaches
  • Dimensions – 230 x230 x 190 cm
  • Doors -4
  • Pockets -6 
  • Size of floor towel – 90 square ft.
  • The total area covered – 57 square ft.
  • Cost – $14.99

Pros of Loopso Beach Tent 

  • Six pockets are available to store things.
  • The tent is made with waterproof fabric.
  • It blocks 98% of the harmful rays of the sun.

Cons of Loopso Beach Tent

  • Customer reviews are unavailable.
  • The stock of this product is limited.
  • We were unable to find the social media presence of the Loopso Tent.

Is Loopso Beach Tent Legit?

Let’s focus on knowing some facts of the product through which we can judge its legitimacy. 

  • The website that shares Loopso Beach Tent has been registered recently on 3 April 2021.
  • The Facebook and Instagram page of the product is not available.
  • The tent has 15 plus advanced features for the comfort of humans.
  • The details of the Loopso beach tent are explained briefly by the store.
  • Cost price is genuine, and one can afford it easily. The company puts down no heavy discounts.
  • The customers do not share the Loopso Beach Tent Reviews. No ratings are available yet.
  • The limited stock is available with the company so that an individual can purchase only one tent at a time. 
  • A widely used and trusted portal like Amazon is not selling this beach tent. It raises suspicion in our minds.
  • The company has given a 100% guarantee of satisfaction, and you can return the product to get a full refund.

Viewing these points, we consider the product to be new, and it isn’t easy to judge whether purchasing the Loopso beach tent will be effective or not.

What are Loopso Beach Tent Reviews?

The product has gained no comments from customers. It is socially inactive, so knowing people’s feedback has become more challenging.

The product has exclusive features and provides immense benefits which you can read here, so we hope that buyers will share their feedback in a few months. 


The company has shared the Loopso beach tent with all facilities so that people can enjoy their holidays to the fullest, but since the product is new, so it’s too early to rely on it. 

Moreover, no presence on social media accounts, and the absence of Loopso Beach Tent Reviews are making us doubtful about purchasing it. If you still want to purchase, check the product’s genuineness once by clicking the link.

What type of tents do you love to use on beaches? Does this tent match your preferences? Comment and share your thoughts with us.


8 thoughts on “Loopso Beach Tent Reviews [May] See if it is Legit!

  1. I ordered a Loopso Beach Tent on May 20, 2021 and still have not received it more than a month later. It is now June 26th, so I’m hoping that it was not a scam and wondering if I will receive it in time to use it this summer.

      1. Hello There! We have specified in our blog about the legitimacy of the website. There have been many chances and points where as a buyers you need to search. We would pray and hope that you would receive your order. Do let us know about your order further. Have a great time.
  2. Ordered one, not delivered! Unable to contact on the email provided! = Scam to me! The only value I can get for my money now is to warn others not to buy!

    I will gladly retract this if the company contacts me or the shelter turns up!

    1. Hello Oly! Yes, you said very right! Atleast by raising an alarm we can do our part of job. There are many websites floating everyday and night to loot innocent people. We also take bow to help our readers by creating awareness via our blogs. So Keep reading! Stay Safe!

    1. Hello Luciane Sperling, Thank you for mentioning your concern. This is quite a long time that the order hasn’t reached you. Surprisingly I think you have not read our blog before ordering. The seller’s website has recently been created and it has not received any customer reviews and also no popularity. Hence shopping with such a website is risky and one shall avoid it. Stay safe.

  3. Hello, I ordered beach tent on 20 May, 2021 and today I received, “toys for little kids/plastic maker”
    and not my order: Multi-purpose beach, camping, party tent x3! What happens?

    Please send me the right order or return $56.31 (48,24 euro)

    ORDER M32210520122231188
    Thank you for your purchase!
    Hi Evelyne, we’re getting your order ready to be shipped. We will notify you when it has been sent.
    View your order or View our store
    Order summary
    Multi-purpose beach, camping, party tent×3
    $14.99 x3

    Subtotal $44.97
    Discount $ 0.00
    Shipping $9.99
    Shipping Insurance $1.35
    Total $56.31USD

    Thank you

    1. Hello Evelyne, We hope that you will receive your order. If you have any doubt in receiving then you can try to claim your refund either from PayPal or your Credit card; whatever way you have made the payment. Take care

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