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Loverevel Reviews [April] – Read Before Making Any Order

Loverevel Reviews [April] – Read Before Making Any Order >> Get all the information about this ecommerce site in this one post. You must read it before making any order over this website!

Are you tired of standing in long shopping queues at your favorite brand store for making the payment and carrying the shopping bags? Then, don’t worry; Love Revel has come for your rescue to make your shopping experience more enjoyable.  We really admire your interest in loverevel reviews. This post will let you know everything about this web store.

What is Love Revel Store?

Love Revel is an online shopping portal that provides you the certain products like handbags, sunglasses, home & kitchen equipment along with other usable products at an affordable price range. It is getting really popular in the United States. Here you will get a vast range of products that are categorized into various sections just to provide ease and comfort.

The products like a mini saddle bag, women clutch bag, leather women saddlebag, banana slicer, dog claw cleaner, and lots more products can be easily found on the website. The product category is not limited to these products. The company deal in the other product category as well as different types of 

Jewelry: pearl studded earrings, triangle drops, choker necklace

Hair Treatment products: Magical mask hair treatment, Moroccan hair oil essential 

Shop Here As Per Your Comfort

There is no such thing as opening hours or any kind of dress code when it comes to doing shopping at Love Revel. So, if you have to decide to buy blue light skin therapy pen at 3 AM, then you don’t have to think twice while placing your order here. 

How to place your order on Love Revel Store?

Love Revel has a very friendly and easy to handle user free interface, where you just have to log on the website, look for the product you want and place your order. Once getting the payment from your end, you will get the order confirmation, where the company will dispatch your product to your doorway in the shortest period. The online store assures you that you will get the quality and style you want that too in your price segment.

Features Of Love Revel Store

The customer’s trust and faith in us is the USP of Love Revel. The well designed, clean, and pleasant looking website creates the long lasting impression in the mind of the potential buyer. Being the niche player and specialists of all the usable products, the site as created a special place in the heart of buyers. 

The listing on the website are quite detailed with actual and explicit images along with precise measurement of all the products. The company also covers up the various aspects like product features, the material used, care & safety instruction, and other products.

If you are planning to buy your dream sunglasses or adorable handbag, without losing your much fortune, for great offers and discounts, you can pick up the black Friday deals, where you will end up saving a huge amount of money.

You don’t have to worry about the payment if you don’t have enough cash as we accept payment from all payment gateways like Paypal, debit cards, credit cards or any other payment gateways. 

Who is this for?

Love Revel Store is the one-stop-shop for all the prospective buyers. But for doing the shopping, the buyer must have taken the membership of this online store. So, people who are not the current members of this website should take its membership at the earliest to reap its benefits. 

Now, the members don’t have to leave your comfort zone, as you will easily get your needed products directly into your comfort zone and also save your lot of energy and time as well. 

Quick And Hassle-Free Shopping Experience

The company’s hassle-free delivery service is an additional perk that is used to persuade more and more people to buy products online. The packed parcels will be delivered to you in the discreet packaging, where you enjoy its delivery anywhere around the world. 

What are our customer’s reviews regarding our products?

Many of its customers are very much satisfied with its services and product quality, but few are not fully satisfied. Some of the reasons are:

  •   Few products possess to be of good quality, but their quality standard does not match with the image shown on the website
  •   Delay in delivery timings
  •   Only those people can buy the products which have the website’s membership


Love Revel is the one-stop shop where you can buy kind of stuff without facing any issue. The company has earned an excellent reputation among its beloved customers by giving them the authentic products, but due to the poor services and products from some of its suppliers, customer faces few issues in some product quality.  We have seen quite positive loverevel reviews posted across web. Yes, there are few negative ones too. All over, it looks like a legit platform to suffice your online shopping needs.

0 thoughts on “Loverevel Reviews [April] – Read Before Making Any Order

    1. They are BOGUS! I ordered something from them a month ago and USPS told me today they never received the package for shipping!!!

      1. Same for me! April 5th order date. Tracking number sent to me on April 13th and USPS still hasn’t received it today.

        1. Same with me, I place an order on 4/6, they said 5-9 days to ship. I received an email with tracking number and all it said was label was printed. It’s now 5/1 and still have not received my order. I emailed them twice, they only responded to one email. I sent another email today. If I don’t get an answer today, I will report them to the BBB and reverse the charges. Very disappointed and angry at this point

        2. I’m having the same issue…. it’s been a month already & when I contact customer service they say it only takes 1-2 days for them to get the order together, then 5-9 business days for delivery…. the tracking # is horse shit…

        3. Ordered June 13th and they gave me a tracking number June 16th and here it is June 25th and the tracking number was never sent to USPS. They scammed me out of my money. I already reported them to PayPal and BBB. I want my money back. Next step is class action lawsuit for everyone to get their money back!

      1. Same here, they are a scam. Took an order on April 6th and it’s 5/1 and the USPS still says they have not dropped it off. I bet you they took the money then placed an order to a company in China and are waiting to get it to ship. They are a scam and need to go out of business.

    2. Don’t do it! You will never get your merchandise that you ordered! Please read all the complaints before you order. I had to threaten them with legal action to return $24

  1. WARNING: Do Not Trust this company, they will not follow through on ANYThing the tell you, they don’t have the stock levels that they promise! I have a file open on PayPal … they as of this writing …still haven’t even had the integrity reply to PayPal….

  2. Scam company. They sell items they don’t have and then give you a tracking number but do not ship your purchase.

  3. I’m starting to think I got scammed. I ordered something a month ago. They give you a tracking number from the postal service but nothing ever gets sent! Don’t trust them!

  4. The worse! NEVER WILL I ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN!!! It’s been almost a month and paid for secure tracking and usps hasn’t even gotten anything..been in JAMAICA NY SINCE 4/11???? At this point I can drive there and get it???


  6. I wish that I read these before making my purchase. I have been waiting a month and no product just as others have written. Total scam

  7. I order something. Gave me a tracking #. It has been “sitting” in La Puenta,CA..ever since. They keep sending me emails, that it is all due to the Convid-19. I am getting things from other sites (not Amazon) . I have opened a case with PayPal. Do they think I am just going to forget about $50.

  8. I purchased from this site on 4/12 and 4/14 and my masks are still sitting in California. I spent a total of $70. I put in a dispute with PayPal and put in a dispute with the company website and haven’t heard anything back. PayPal says they are giving the company until May 15th to reply. I believe I was scammed. Horrible to scam people during this time but I’m the wrong one to play with. I will fight PayPal for a refund.

  9. Do not purchase anything from Love Revel! I placed an order on 4/4/2020, got a text on 4/6 that my package is being shipped. On 4/15 it’s still at the post office in La Puente, CA. Now it’s 4/29 & my package is still at La Puente, CA, I have sent emails to their customer support & get the same bullish response.

  10. I ordered 2 facemasks on 4/09. The status stayed on waiting to be shipped for 2 weeks. I sent them an email in regards to the status of my order they responded with a very long apologetic email and stated that they were short on employees due to the COVID19 and that they were working their best to fill orders and get them shipped and to be patient with them. I recieved mine today 4/29.

  11. Company is pure garbage I ordered on the first of April and got a tracking on the 11th and still nothing received at the post office…scam company DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!

  12. Hey guys ..i received mine today..ordered it like 3 weeks ago…i first thought to it was a scam cuz website said within 5 days delivery and i saw reviews people saying been 2 wks and nothing yet but my wife said give it another week and today it came…its not a scam just takes longer i guess..only miss leading is there delivery time but product is solid. Worth the wait

  13. Believe all of these comments, as same thing happened to me. At the time it was one of the only places that appeared to have masks for Covid 19. Got tracking number a few days, same as everyone else a mailing label that had never shipped. Then it was updated to sitting in a postal facility in California, though not yet accepted. SCAM SCAM SCAM. After numerous emails with an illiterate customer service agent named Michelle, I had my bank reverse charges on my credit card. DONE.

    1. Nope. I order 4/6 and they still haven’t shipped. You got lucky. In addition they only allow 5 star reviews on the site and delete any that say anything negative. That alone shows they are a scam site.

  14. I ordered 2 masks and 10 filters April 5th and it still show USPS Preshipment. Keep getting the run around from the customer service. Monday will the 18 business days they claim they needed. I’ll be challenging the charges at that point.

  15. I placed and order on the 14 of April and no product. It been sitting in pre-shipment and as long as they say that they can say it was shipped and they don’t have to do any returns. There is a way to get rid them. Instagram has to have insurance this problem. This need to be dealt with through Instagram.

  16. I placed my order for $77.00 on April 6th and it is sitting in pre-shipment with label created but post office has not received the package yet. Email responses from the company is that because of the virus, they are working with fewer employees and working overtime to get the orders out. The truth is, the shipment from China is stuck in customs in LA and no idea when it will get received by the company. I asked for a refund and they said because I did not cancel within 24 hours of ordering, once I get the item, I have to ship it back to them and then they will process a refund according to their refund policy. They had no problem charging and receiving my money the next day, they had no problem lying for a month about what is going on. It sounds to me if enough of us are out there we might have a class action suit against these jackwads. At any rate, I am probably going to right the AG in my state and probably the state they are located in also. And will make a complaint to the BBB. Heck, I am so pissed right now I think I will right the President and the AG just for spite and explain what this company is doing during this pandemic as they clearly are taking advantage of the situaltion.

  17. I wish I saw these reviews before I ordered masks from this company loverevel, they are a scam company and stole my money. I ordered masks over two months ago they Claim they shipped them within 24 hours but there are no shipping label created they do this so they can take your money from your credit card as long as they say they shipped them but then they don’t ship them. I have contacted the company but they keep telling me that I just have to keep waiting and because of Covid they are behind this is not true it’s been over two months you can now buy these masks and every drive-through gas station grocery store corners stand etc. in the whole country they are absolutely lying and I have disputed it with my credit card as I will be following a claim they shipped them within 24 hours but there are no shipping label created they do this so they can take your money from your credit card as long as they say they shipped them but then they don’t ship them. I have contacted the company but they keep telling me that I just have to keep waiting and because of Covid they are behind this is not true it’s been over two months you can now buy these masks in every drive-through gas station grocery store corners stand etc. in the whole country they are absolutely lying and I have disputed it with my credit card as I will be filing a Complaint with the Better Business Bureau and my lawyer

  18. LOVEREVEL.COM IS A SCAM DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM, I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR PACKAGE NOW 45 days they keep blaming Covid 19… Twice now they gave me shipping tracking number that does not exist…NEVER AGAIN WILL I BUY ANYTHING FROM REVEL !

  19. PLEASE ANY OF YOU that had been ripped off by LOVEREVEL.COM please find my group on FACEBOOK under loverevel.com and post your experience there , I made a news group for that company so we can expose them , please visit and write your experience …
    Thank you all !

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