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Lovis Facial Scrubber {Jan} Is It Safe – Read Reviews!

This article is useful for you to gain information about the Lovis Facial Scrubber and its effectiveness on your skin for a longer period.

Do you love to keep your face free from blackheads and other impurities? Are you searching for some product that can make your work easy and provide you with glowing skin? Indeed, it is a fact that we always fear to use chemical products on our face to avoid any side effects on it after a longer period. 

So, here we are with the product produced and managed in Switzerland but available for all the people as a facial scrubber. 

Therefore, let’s snow understand Lovis Facial Scrubber and its importance in this article. 

What is Lovis Scrubber? 

A facial cleansing brush is silicone and aims to clean the pores gently without harming the skin. It has deep cleansing features that help remove the pores hidden in your skin, reducing the glow of the face. 

It consists of ultrasonic effects with some bamboo charcoal to remove the impurities. It also consists of imports of an ion with heating effects on the skin that helps remove the makeup residues and naturally brings back the glow of the skin. 

Lovis Facial Scrubber also has oil secretion features to remove the impurities and return to your naturally beautiful look. 


  • Type of Product: Facial cleaning brush. 
  • Manufacturer of the product: Lovis
  • Number of the product: 12307548
  • The function of the product: Cleaning. 
  • Supply of power: Battery which is Rechargeable. 
  • Available for: Men and Women. 
  • Type of Attachment: Normal Brush Head 
  • Colour: Pink
  • Type of equipment: Cleansing Apparatus. 
  • Water Resistant: Yes, it is water-resistant. 
  • Width of the product: 11.80cm
  • Weight of the product: 284gm
  • Length of the product: 16.50cm 
  • Height of the product: 5.20cm
  • Warranty: 10 years warranty. 

Positive effects of Lovis Facial Cleansing Brush: 

  • Lovis Facial Scrubber has no chemical composition that can harm your skin negatively. 
  • It has ultrasonic effects to cleanse your skin deeply without any side effects. 
  • It is available for both men and women. So, it is important to have this as a single product for both sections of society. 
  • It is water-resistant, although it is rechargeable. 

Negative effects of Lovis Facial Cleansing Brush: 

  • It does not have more reviews from the people or the users, so it isn’t easy to find whether it is useful. 
  • It is a rechargeable product that sometimes does not work for a longer usage period. 

Is Lovis Facial Cleansing Brush Legit? 

As Lovis Facial Scrubber is becoming popular among the people of Switzerland, people still want to know whether the product is a legitimate product or not. So, let’s analyse it and get its legitimacy. 

  • The product is available on various platforms for online sale. So, this is one of the positive signs for any product to be available on various platforms. 
  • There are although not much but few reviews available about the product. As we reviewed the product, we found that the consumers are pretty happy with the scrubber as they cannot find it harmful to their skin. 
  • Lovis Facial Scrubber also provides a warranty for ten years. So, this also claims that the product is legitimate. If it had not been legitimate, you could not find its warranty feature on the online platforms. 
  • It also takes return and replaces it to experience the top-class service from the product. So, all these features explain that the product is legitimate. 

So, as per our research, we found that the product is legitimate, and therefore, you can invest your precious time and money in this product without thinking twice about its legitimacy. 

What are Lovis Facial Scrubber Reviews? 

We have found certain reviews about the facial scrubber, which we can share with you to clarify its effectiveness. 

Some consumers have given their positive reviews claiming that they have experienced changes on their skin and can see the glow on their faces. Some consumers also said that it does what it claims and the product is worth buying. 

Some consumers also found that the charging life of the cleaner is very effective, and therefore, they can recommend it to others. 

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Final Verdict: 

Face cleaning brushes are evident to clean your face. So, if you were searching for the same, we would recommend Lovis Facial Scrubber for your glowing face to hedge all the side effects from the face cleaning creams and makeups.

What is your experience with Lovis scrubber? You can share your precious experience in the comment section below. 

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