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Luxypun Reviews {June 2020} Is Luxypun.com Legit or Scam?

Luxypun Reviews {June 2020} Is Luxypun.com Legit or Scam? -> This article gives a vivid description of an online fashion store that sells a wide variety of women’s products.

Are you a fashion freak who constantly strives to upgrade her wardrobe with voguish trends? Try Luxypun.com to boost your style and personality.

This company is based in the United States and ships to many more countries worldwide. Whether in France, Mexico, Australia, or Dubai, you can shop from Luxypun.com for an instant makeover of your looks. 

Luxypun Reviews tell us that this online shopping hub is already a rage in the United States. It is trying to expand its base in other countries as well.

Let us find out through the following article, Is Luxypun.com legit or another fraudulent site created to dupe you.

What is Luxypun.com?

Luxypun.com is a wholesome lady’s web-shop for outerwear, innerwear, beauty products, and accessories. Their website is replete with eye-catching and voguish pictures that enamour you to purchase from them.

The fashionable items augment your glamour so that you radiate with new-found confidence.

The items are trendy yet very budget-friendly.

You can buy a variety of apparel like dresses, pants, tops, jumpsuits, cardigans, and sweaters. If you are looking for sexy lingerie, swimwear, and body shapers, then this web-store offers a fantastic variety.

It also sells trendy accessories such as shoes, bags, belts, sunglasses, and jewellery.

Make-up is an integral part of a woman’s appeal. Luxypun.com is unique because it gives the perfect finishing touch to your shopping experience. You can also buy beauty products like eyeshadows, false lashes, eyebrow gels, concealers, and cosmetic brushes.

From teens to working women to stay-at-home moms, and even middle-aged women, it caters to all age groups.

Specifications of Luxypun.com:

  • Products- Ladies dresses, bodysuits, innerwear, swimsuits, beauty products, and accessories
  • Website- https://www.luxypun.com/ 
  • Email- contact@luxypun.com
  • Address- 59 Pine Drive, Aley Sports, Nesconset, New York 11767 United States 
  • Contact- 313-433-4568
  • Processing time- 1 business day
  • Shipment fee- Applicable, free shipping only if your order is more than $50
  • Exchange/returns- Conditions apply
  • Refunds- Not all returns are refunded
  • Refund time- 7 days, only if the return is applicable.
  • Mode of payment- Credit cards and PayPal

Pros of Luxypun.com: 

  • There is a wholesome variety to choose from
  • Their products are stylish, colourful and of the latest fashion.
  • The products seem to be of high quality yet reasonably priced.
  • They claim to update their catalogue daily
  • You can track your order
  • Its domain has an HTTPS protocol which is considered safe.

Cons of Luxypun.com:   

  • The domain name is very recent and has a short life expectancy.
  • Free shipping is available only for orders above $50
  • Conditions apply for a refund on returned items.
  • Customers pay for return shipping.
  • The store has no social media presence.

Is Luxypun.com Legit?

Women love style and glamour. Many websites have sprung up who claim to sell products to enhance a woman’s style quotient. 

In this light, no shortage of online websites tries to encash this opportunity through unethical means. 

Let us delve into some details of Luxypun.com that will help us decide if this is an excellent site.

Luxypun.com has an “About Us” page, but it does not say much about the company. The information provided on the page is very basic. There are no details about the background of the company or about how old the company is.

Also, if you scrutinize further, there are grammatical errors and discrepancies in its font.

All these are pointers that the website is designed in a rush with the sole purpose of making money.

Therefore, we say that Luxypun.com is a suspicious website.

What are people saying for Luxypun.com?

There are not many customer reviews available on Luxypun.com. 

The site has no social media buttons from where one can gather information about the store.

However, most of the online reviews on Luxypun.com have warned us to stay away from this site.

Final verdict:

On the surface, Luxypun.com seems to be a genuine eCommerce store that sells fashionable products for women.

We carried out a detailed investigation and found that the site has a bad trust score. 

The address provided is a fake one, and the images used on their website are stolen.

Hence, we have concluded that Luxypun.com is not a legit store but a scam website.

We advise you not to get fooled by its beautiful display and attractive pricing. Steer clear of Luxypun.com, or else you will lose your money.

Please feel free to post your comments here so that we know more about this online portal.

0 thoughts on “Luxypun Reviews {June 2020} Is Luxypun.com Legit or Scam?

  1. Absolute SCAM. Ordered lawn mower (not just clothing!) and got immediate tracking that showed package received the next day. Further tracking showed shipping 5 days before my PayPal order placed. Thankfully my credit card will refund- but these criminals are shameful and I’m mortified that I wasn’t smarter.

  2. I purchased a part for a pressure washer. I emailed seller about tracking info. the trackingnumber provided stated the ite3m was delivered on 6/22/20 the same day order placed. I emailed seller back and no response. In dispute with paypal at this time.

  3. Absolutely a SCAM ! Ordered patio swing and got tracking that showed item was delivered the week prior! Paid through PayPal and credit card company is disputing the charge. I emailed seller and no response. Buyers beware!

  4. This company is a scam and even using paypal you won’t get your money back. They send bogus packages to the wrong address and then paypal isn’t responsible. Just google their name and you’ll see the hundreds they scam. I can’t believe they aren’t shut down yet. Don’t loose your money by ordering like myself and hundreds of others have.

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