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Lynmia Reviews [Updated 2020] Is It a Scam?

Lynmia Reviews [Updated 2020] Is It a Scam? >> This article is about Lynmia.com. This Reviews are important here as it will spread awareness among the masses and prevent mishappenings related to online shopping.

Clothes are something we never get tired of buying. There can be a formal or informal occasion, when the first thing that comes to our mind is looking good. Hunting for the best suited outfit starts along with accessories.

There are several shops in your locality, where you might like to visit but due to shortage of time, most of the time we are unable to do so. Then, we hop onto online research. We find too many sites with their best offers but get confused about their credibility.

Only a few websites which are known to people achieve the targeted turnovers, others are just in the path of struggle.

What is Lynmia.com?

Lynmia.com is a website that focuses on women fashion. Their aim is to present the latest and trendiest designs in apparel and accessories for ladies, so as to become the one-stop solution for all women’s needs in terms of fashion.

Lynmia website review

A little research of the website, Lymnia.com will show that it’s not secured properly. Making any kind of financial transaction or letting out personal information related to the same might be a cause of concern here.

The images that the website shows can be easily collected through ‘Google’. Then, how can we be assured of their authenticity? Moreover, there’s no description about the material or fabric that goes into the making of the products. Just by viewing the pictures, one cannot presume the quality of the clothes which matters.

The prices show heavy discounts. This raises doubt. How is the website able to offer such low prices? No company will compromise at the profit front.

Lynmia.com website is poorly designed and doesn’t look organized. The images aren’t very clear and the faces of the models are hidden, which is a sign of ingenuity.

Is Lynmia.com legit or scam?

There have been complaints regarding Lymnia.com of posting images, procured from small business owners. The latter have accused the company of stealing their product’s pictures but aren’t sure of selling them, as the products have not been sold by the shop owners themselves.

Lynmia website matches the bunch of illegal sites that are operating under the address furnished herein, “ORDERPLUS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, 7/F SPA CENTRE NO.53-55 LOCKHART ROAD WANCHAI HK”. This is an address known for running multiple scam sites like Ininplaza, Onesgos etc.

The ‘Contact Us’ page in Lynmia.com doesn’t reveal any information regarding the company’s where-about, such as address, phone number etc. Then, how can one be sure of it’s existence?

If you talk about this online portal in your social media groups, you are sure to garner facts about this deceitful site. People are complaining about their low grade items and no response to customers after selling. People haven’t got any refund and if you want to cancel your banking card for a new one, the system doesn’t allow the customer’s to do so.

In case, such a thing happens to you, do not hesitate to contact your bank or credit card Company for reversal of payment, also if you have paid via Paypal, then open a discrepancy argument there. Show the proof of your complaints to the website holders and scare their wits away, till they return your money.

The ‘Return Policy’ page is also dicey over here. Lynmia.com promises to refund the money in case of returns within 30 days, but in brackets, it mentions ‘Final Sale’. What does this mean? Final sale itself connotes the full and final purchase, then why are the excluding it?

The customer service availability here is not credible at all. They are offering post sales services through bots, which indicates that you won’t receive any help, once you part with your money.

My Recommendation

Online business is the way of commercial gains today. Leveraging this, there are several companies who jump into this with the intention of drawing huge revenues. Some are reliable while others are scams.

Most of the times, the products they market are not the same as what the customers receive. Either the firm totally vanishes after receiving money or delivers low quality products in exchange of huge costs.

Some fraudster companies illicitly charge the credit cards of customers without their consent, after receiving vital information pertaining to the same.

If you acquire any information about Lynmia.com, then please do share that with others. This will help prevent frauds from happening.

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