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map.jacksonjude Com (Jan) Have Useful Analyses

map.jacksonjude Com (Jan) Have Useful Analyses -> Wants to do analyses of election results? Here is the right platform. Please read the article and know about it.

Do you want to get information about elections of the United States? Then we have come up with the map. jacksonjude Com that shares an electoral map with us so that it becomes easy for us to analyze by editing, comparing, and performing various features on the map.In today’s article, we will be exploring this site and would see its different features. People who indulge in political research often look for previous election data, so this article will be fruitful for them to get access to the data. So, let’s gather some details of the site. 

What is a map.jacksonjude Com?

It is an online portal that shows an electoral map of all the elections that have been done so far. The site has a result of elections from 1976 to 2020. All the data is available in pictorial form as visualization makes understanding better.The site has made use of various shortcut keys to control and use in the site. As the site has a lot of data due to it allows you to compare election results. The comparison can be made with past elections vs. past election or Past election vs. 538 Projection, Past election vs. 538 Poll avg. With such a useful comparison, we can properly analyze all the United States‘ previous polls. The map. jacksonjude Com has used various shortcut keys, so let’s see them and know their function so that you can use them efficiently.

Shortcut keys used to control

  1. To change to the source of the map, use 1,2,3,4,5,6 keys.
  2. To toggle the source dropdown selection, use the S key.
  3. To edit the map, use the copy option available, edit the map accordingly, and click enter.
  4. To apply margins on the map, click on the margin option available on the site and click enter.
  5. To compare past election results vs  past election results use 1 key.
  6. To compare past results with 538 projection, use 2 key.
  7. To compare past results with 538 poll Avg. use 3 key.

So, by using these shortcut keys, you can work efficiently on a map. jacksonjude Com. Moreover, a comparison can be made quickly with the shortcut keys.


Providing comparison, editing, and various other features on the map cannot be one person’s effort. Different other companies have collaborated and made their contribution. YAMPS has provided various map outlines. JHK and Cook Political has provided projection data. To reach out the election results data, The NYT has made its contribution. To make a comparison, we need the past election results that have been offered by MIT Election Data. All the code is available on GitHub with CSV files. With the help of all these data and coding, you can efficiently work out with the maps. The map. jacksonjude Com allows people to do the analyses by themselves. It is the best platform to get all data, material, and coding to easily find out the different election results and analyze them accordingly.

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