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Matthew Perry Girlfriend 2022 – Is His Colon Burst Due To Vicodin? How He Went into Coma? Is He Really Died?

Check the below article to know Matthew Perry Girlfriend 2022 current relationship status. Also, the news of his death is rumour or real.

Do you want to find out the current relationship status of Matthew Perry? Is he engaged or dating? Friends lead star Matthew Perry is in the headlines after much controversial exposure. 

Having a superb fan base, people from the United States are searching about the relationship status of Matthew Perry. So where in this article, you will learn about the current Matthew Perry Girlfriend 2022 reality and his relationship status.

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Matthew Perry Relationship Status 2022.

Matthew Perry is recently single and working on his next project, which will be released in November. Earlier, he was dating Molly Hurwitz. The couple had been dating since 2018 and decided to get engaged in 2020. 

51-year-old Mathew and 29-year-old Molly called off their relationship. However, there is no clarification about the fact of why they separated. We will inform you once there is clarification about Matthew Perry’s relationship in 2022.

Matthew Perry Colon

Matthew Perry revealed his life struggle against death. In a friend’s reunion show, he said, “there was only a 2% chance of his surviving after his colon burst”. He was addicted to different sedatives. Due to an overdose, a tumour in his colon burst out. 

His relationship with Molly was also under multiple fights due to his sedative addiction. Moreover, some rumours also state that they broke up due to the filthy behaviour of Matthew Perry. After overdosing on sedatives, he was in a coma for 2 months and spent the next 5 months recovering in Hospital.

When did Matthew Perry Died?

Many fake rumours are spreading about Matthew’s death. However, he was under a death threat after consuming too many narcotics. But after complete treatment, he is very well and fine. He is preparing for his upcoming shows and movie promotions.

Matthew Perry is currently single. He is 53 and perfectly fine. However, past incidents drowned his energy. You will see him in upcoming projects.

Have you heard of any rumours about Matthew Perry’s relationship? Comment below. 

Matthew Perry Coma – FAQs

1 – What is Matthew Perry’s name in Friends and what is his current age? 

His name in friends is Chandler. Currently he is 53 years old.

2 –  When and with whom did Matthew Perry Broke Up recently?

In 2021, he broke up with Molly. 

3 – Were Matthew and Molly engaged?

Yes, they both got engaged in 2020.

4 – What is Matthew Perry’s date of birth?

He was born on 19 August 1969.

5 – What is Matthew Perry’s Net worth?

80 million dollars.

6 – Matthew Perry was diagnosed by which sedative? 

Matthew Perry Vicodin intake was high. He had more than 55 tablets while shooting Friends.

7 –  Who did Matthew Perry date before Molly?

Before Molly, he was engaged to Perabo and had a relationship for 9 years. From 2007 to 2016.

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