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Me Adopt Helicopter {Sep 2021} Flying Vehicles Update!

Add up the new vehicles such as Me Adopt Helicopter and planes asap in Adopt Me game as it’s available for a limited time. Have the details here.

Hey Readers! If you are coming across the latest update about Adopt Me, know that this update talks about introducing flying vehicles such as helicopters to the game.

This new update has already been in controversy among the players of the Adopt me game around the United Kingdom and United States. Gamers are aware of the update about Adopt Me, but what this update says is not known by many. 

So here, you will be notified of how we can add up Me Adopt Helicopter and other flying vehicles like planes in the game. 

About Adopt Me Update     

Adopt Me is a popular massively played multi-player virtual game. This Update is being developed by the uplift game on the game development site Roblox. The game focuses on caring for and adopting a variety of digital pets via hatching eggs.

Players may level up their pets, taking extensive care. Players may also trade their pets or items via a trading system.

Recently a few days ago, on the 16th of Sept 2021, the officials revealed about Me Adopt Helicopter. So let us see what it is.

Flying Vehicle Update 

As of September 16th, 2021, the two flyings got added to the Adopt Me game. The name of the two flying vehicles is Paw fossil helicopter and the Monoplane. These two were introduced in the similar Update and the similar game as those of cake moon snacks.

It stated in sources that players could only obtain these two flying items within two weeks. These vehicle like planes and helicopter is a long-anticipated in-game item in the Adopt Me.

How To Get Me Adopt Helicopter?

  • Since every vehicle is temporarily available in the Adopt Me game. So one needs to get it within the specified time. 
  • The game officials will replace the location of the speedboat for some time. 
  • This implies one needs to find out the plane and helicopter which are put for sale in the main adoption island, where the speedboat usually stands.
  • The paw fossil helicopter will cost approximately around dollar four thousand, and the monoplane can be bought at thirty-five hundred.
  • So now it’s very obvious to get Me Adopt Helicopter, you need to pay $4000.

More Info

The Adopt Me officials revealed about the introduction of these two vehicles yesterday for the very first time. Previously, players were offered to fly around the location on pets but can now use helicopters and planes to fly.

Either way, if you want to have these vehicles, you need to get it fast as it’s available for a limited period of two weeks. After two weeks you won’t be able to get these new vehicles.


So you can have either of the vehicles that is Me Adopt Helicopter or a plane to fly to different locations in Adopt Me. That’s what we got to see in Adopt Me Update, which has recently been revolving in the news. 

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