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Medallion Left Haligtree Secret (March) Read Details!

This post below tells you details of the Medallion Left Haligtree Secret so that you find the way and enter into the area easily by defeating the Niall.  

Are you looking for the Elden Ring Haligtree Medallion? When you are at Giants’ mountaintops, you are on the top of the globe. 

However, there’s a blank space that disturbs people Worldwide. But, there’s a possibility to get down.

Is there a method to get down or to Medallion Left Haligtree Secret? So let’s know if its possible to know the secret through the post below.

What is the role of Haligtree Medallion?

The Haligtree Medallion comes into play when you want to see down and try to find the way to reach and know the secret.

Lifts usually travel both ways, and the Grand Lift of Rold, in this case, may also travel below if you discover the correct medallion to indicate it.

You can discover how to locate both left and right Haligtree medallions in Elden Ring and how to enter this daring new location.

Medallion Left Haligtree Secret:

It is a little more difficult to come by. You must have already climbed Rold’s Grand Lift, or you may explore to find the way to get there.

A difficult dungeon, Castle Sol, may be found in the northern reaches of the freezing wasteland. 

The best way to get through is to run straight to the boss gate and trigger the elevator immediately outside. 

It will let you reach the boss without facing difficulty, teleporting phantoms at the dungeon’s first grace spot.

Besides, it is preferable to take out Commander Niall’s knights first if you decide to battle him, avoid being surrounded, and eliminate the knights as swiftly as possible. Therefore, after battling, you will find Medallion Left Haligtree Secret.

How to reach Haligtree?

If you want to reach Haligtree, you need to go to the Ordina town in the new region’s northwestern corner.

On the top of a few stairs, a door is going to the north that’s blocked with an obstacle. So you must enter the Gaol and lit four statue candles to break the seal.

Once you enter the Gaol, you may look for the gateway at the area and the four statues with skull marks.

Which is the most difficult part of the challenge?

The most difficult aspects of Medallion Left Haligtree Secret task or challenge are hidden assassins in the streets and the archers over the rooftops who may backstab you.

It is advisable to sneak and then evade or sprint if caught. Once you obtain it, the Approach incantation of Assassins is useful for disguising your footsteps; however, the Darkness invocation is ineffective for concealment.

Besides, the gateway in Ordina will be unlocked if you obtain all four, and you can get to the Haligtree.


Haligtree medallion’s first half is rather straightforward to obtain, but Medallion Left Haligtree Secret’s second half can be found at Castle Sol, located at the Giants’ Mountaintops’ northernmost point.

You may proceed to the fort’s summit to claim the medallion when you defeat Niall. You may now cycle medallions and return to Rold’s Grand Lift to access the new region.

You may also tap here to know more about the Haligtree secret Medallion’s left.

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