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Megabody Nutrition Scam Email (Dec 2020) Explore.

Megabody Nutrition Scam Email (Dec 2020) Explore. >> In the above article, you read about a website that sells sports nutrition and health products.

With the increased awareness of health and fitness, many people use health supplements, vitamins, proteins, etc. in their regular diets.

Megabody Nutrition is an online store, which is becoming popular in the United States for its variety of health supplements and sports nutrition. However, many people have recently reported Megabody Nutrition Scam Email, that they have received from this company.  

To know more about the products sold by Megabody Nutrition and Megabody Nutrition Scam Email, please read the following article.

What is Megabody Nutrition?

Megabody Nutrition is an online store that sells sports nutrition and health products to both wholesalers and retail customers. This company’s wholesale customers include gyms, health food stores, health clubs, retail stores, specialty stores, etc.

The website promises to deliver high-quality products to customers. For its wholesale clients, it assures them to have high margins, and thus have high earnings.

This web store’s product range includes weight management products, vitamins, sports drinks, protein products, energy products, snacks, bars, etc.

Some blogs related to health and fitness are also available on the website. Several of them are even dedicated to athletes – related to their fitness, nutritional intake, etc.

Specifications of Megabody Nutrition:

  • Website: Sells health and sports nutrition products
  • Address: 2300 16th St #295, San Francisco, CA 94103, United States Contact: 650-360-9799
  • Email Address: info@nutrisport.shop
  • Shipping Time: Not available on the website
  • Shipping Cost: Express shipping $19.95 below 5 kg, else upto $39.95, details for standard shipping not available.
  • Delivery Time: Within 1 to 3 business days
  • Return: Can be requested by contacting the customer support team.
  • Refund: Not available on the website
  • Exchange: Not available on the website
  • Cancellation: Can be done by filling out the cancellation form available on the site
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal, Credit Card, Crypto payment

Pros of Megabody Nutrition:

  • A variety of products in the health and sports nutrition segment are available on the site.
  • Payment option via cryptocurrency is also available.
  • Blogs related to fitness and health supplements are available on the website.

Cons of Megabody Nutrition:

  • The exact price of the products is not mentioned on the site. Instead, a price range is available.
  • No customer ratings or reviews are available on the site.
  • The website does not have any social media presence on sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

Is Megabody Nutrition Legit?

Megabody Nutrition Scam Email has raised a question on the legitimacy of this web store. Many customers have reported that they have received a mail saying that their credit cards will be charged even though they haven’t made any purchase. Several other points further add doubts about this store’s authenticity.

The store has categorized its products in the best seller category. However, none of these products are rated or reviewed by the customers, even though they are the most sold products on the site.

The website has four reviews by the customers that do not seem to be legit. One customer mentioned he bought these products from Amazon, but these products are not available in that marketplace. No other reviews are available on external online sources.

Thus, it can be said the website is very doubtful, and the customers are advised to restrict themselves and not purchase from this website.

Customer Reviews on Megabody Nutrition:

No products on Megabody Nutrition have been reviewed or rated by the customers on the website. However, customers have reported their concerns about Megabody Nutrition Scam Email

Many customers have said that they have received emails stating that their credit cards will be billed for the products they haven’t purchased from the store. When they reported, it has been found that these emails can be used to gain access to customers’ bank and card details illegally

Thus, no positive review has been found yet for Megabody Nutrition. Customers are strictly advised not to respond and immediately report Megabody Nutrition Scam Email to concerned authorities.  

Final Verdict:

Megabody Nutrition Scam Email has left doubts in the customers’ minds about losing their personal details. The products, too, have not been reviewed by the customers. Thus, the customers are advised to wait for some genuine reviews from the customers, and then buy them.   

Do let us know about your view on Megabody Nutrition Scam Email in the comments section below. 

2 thoughts on “Megabody Nutrition Scam Email (Dec 2020) Explore.

  1. I received an invoice by e-mail in the amount of $98.10 for products being sent to me supposedly ordered by me. I made no such order. I called the company, “Ideal Body Shop,” under the name of Ronda Vavrica ,and the “online store, MGBD Nutritions US,” and was told the order would be canceled. I will carefully check my credit card accounts to be sure there are no charges made.

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