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Meloedy.com Review [Sep] Prove It Is Legit Or Scam

Meloedy.com Review [Sep] Prove It Is Legit Or Scam -> Here’s a review of a website that offers a collection of decorative items for Halloween.

Are you looking for decorative items to use for Halloween celebration? If yes, then let’s take a glance at Meloedy.com. 

Today we’re sharing Meloedy.com review with our readers to help them make a safe buying decision. This site is making customers curious with its interesting collection and discounted prices. 

In the United States, a lot of people go on a shopping spree during Halloween to buy decorative items. From costumes to projectors, a lot of products are on high demand. Though there are many e-stores offering these products, not all are trustworthy. 

Read on to find out if the site is legit and can be trusted for online shopping.

What is Meloedy.com?

The webshop belongs to the company Liuzhou Waipan E-commerce Co. Limited. As per the site, the company is located in China. The e-commerce store offers a catalog of decorative items that can be used for making Halloween more fun. 

Some of the items available on the website are Holographic projection, purge mask, HD projector, party lights, etc. The website displays plenty of details about these products. Currently, these products are sold at discounted prices. 

The website shares its shipping policy and returns policy. Though the site offers attractive products, is it safe and secure for shopping? Should you buy any item from this e-store? Is it legit or yet another scam site? 

In today’s Meloedy.com review, we share all the must-know things about the site. 

Specifications of Meloedy.com: 

  • Website type – e-shop for Halloween items 
  • Company email id – boss@meloedy.com
  • Company contact number – not specified 
  • Delivery time – 12 to 20 days 
  • Shipping cost – site offers free express shipping on orders that cost over $33.90 
  • Return/Exchange – within 14 days of receiving the order 
  • Order cancellation – possible before the order is shipped
  • Mode of payment – PayPal, Amex, JCB, Visa, MasterCard

Pros of buying items from Meloedy.com:

  • The e-shop offers a variety of decorative items for Halloween. 
  • The site has an interesting catalogue of funky items. 
  • The ecommerce portal accepts returns. 
  • The ecommerce site offers a full refund for approved return items. 
  • The webshop ships items internationally. 

Cons of buying items from Meloedy.com:

  • There are no reliable buyer reviews for the e-store. 
  • The site has a high shipping fee. 
  • The site is just 2 months and 27 days old. 
  • The website does not display company-specific content. 

Is Meloedy.com legit or not? 

We examined the website thoroughly to determine its legitimacy in today’s Meloedy.com review. The website provides protection to user data as it has an SSL certification. On the site, the products are clearly displayed, and their description appears to be relevant. The Facebook icon on the homepage works perfectly fine and takes you to the relevant page. 

However, a close look at the webshop, and we found alarming signs. The website features unoriginal content on the about us page. There is no content related to the company. On the contact us page, the site shares the name of the company and its physical address. 

The Facebook page of the site featured a set of random posts. Most importantly, the domain of the site was registered just over 2 months ago. The site has not received any proper review. 

Due to all the points stated above, the website appears to be suspicious. Moreover, most scam sites also have similar signs. 

What are people saying about Meloedy.com?

One of the best ways to check the genuineness of an ecommerce site is by evaluating the reviews it receives from customers. As we’ve always noticed, a majority of the suspicious sites don’t receive customer reviews, thus searched for the reviews of this e-store to get to know if it is safe or not. 

The site has been around for over 2 months, and yet there is no review listed on the site. On other websites and social media forums, we couldn’t find any Meloedy.com review

Final Verdict 

The e-store selling party items for Halloween has been around for the last 2 month and 27 days ago. The website possesses SSL certification, and it is listed on Facebook. Though the site displays the company’s address and email id, there is no company-specific content on the site. 

There are many red flags that make us uncertain of this site’s trustworthiness. We suggest our readers abstain from using this site.  

0 thoughts on “Meloedy.com Review [Sep] Prove It Is Legit Or Scam

  1. I ordered a two Holographic Projections with free shipping on September 12th. It was supposed to be shipped in less than 10 from time of order. I had to email them twice because it hadn’t been shipped out and it took a month to receive TWO WHITE PLASTIC/VINYL TABLECLOTHS that can be purchased for 1.00 each. When I emailed them for a 3rd time they said I only ordered screens and nothing else. I have screenshots of what they said was included. I demanded that I be reimbursed and to put the money back on my credit card. I’m a very angry, dissatisfied customer.

    1. Same here. I received a bit of plastic sheet with no projector. The site is no longer available !! No shock there !!

  2. They are scammers 100% sent a very thin piece of plastic. Not 2 projectors From John Doe…

    Do NOT order from these scammers

  3. I ordered in September and never received the product. They kept telling me it was being shipped and nothing ever happened. Please don’t by from this company. 🙏🙏🙏

  4. I tried to take care of issue with you but it seems that you may be mentally challenged!..You keep the money you stole from me by scamming me!I will be leaving Much negative comments about your company and let all know you are a scam!Hopefully I can stop some potential victims and slow your revenue!All platforms and sites!All the best Thieves!🖕🏽

  5. I ordered the Halloween projector, grim reaper costume and musical pumpkin. J in received the plastic projector without a power cord and it was broken, costume only had mask and gloves no body of costume as described in description and they didn’t bother sending the musical pumpkin. I’ve been going back and forth with them for a full refund but they want me to pay to return to China. Not going to happen. I’ve stated I would take a 65% refund which they said I could get in November. Now I’m receiving two-three word responses basically saying I need to send a screenshot of what they said. I sent it this morning but this company is not a legitimate company. Social media sites need to stop allowing them to use their platform to sell their products that definitely aren’t worth the money meloedy.com is charging. I’ve definitely learned a very expensive mistake the hard way. I wish I researched them before I placed my order.

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