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[Original Video] Michael Clarke Video YouTube: Why The Content Went Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Telegram & Twitter Networks? Find Facts Here!

The article describes the incident related to Michael Clarke Video YouTube and explains the complete incident portrayed in the footage.

Have you seen the recent video of Michael Clarke? The incident shocked the people of Australia when they found out Michael’s girlfriend was punching him in the face, on YouTube. The event shook the people, and they were eager to know why this incident occurred.

We will talk about Michael Clarke Video on YouTube and all the related details in this article. So stay tuned to know the in-depth information.

Disclaimer: We do not intend to provide fake news; the news is only for informational purposes.

Updates on the video

The former Captain has apologised for hitting his girlfriend over a heated argument with a TV host on cheating allegations. Clarke was seen shirtless during the discussion with his girlfriend in one of the footage. They were enjoying dinner when the matter broke out, and the two started an argument.

Is Michael Clarke’s video Viral on Reddit?

The video is found everywhere on finding particular keywords. In the video, we can hear his girlfriend calling him a liar and many abusive words, which did not go down well with the former Australian Captain.

The entire video is captured, and all the abusive words can be heard clearly. Clarke’s girlfriend, too, slapped him on his face.

People’s reaction on Instagram


People's reaction on Instagram

The video was spread everywhere, and as soon as the footage was leaked, it spread like fire, and people started sharing them on all the platforms. After seeing the video, people backlashed the incident and demanded an apology from the former Captain.

The incident grew to another wild level, and the footage shows the same incident that took place there.

Can the viewers see the video on TikTok?

We have yet to find the video on the TikTok channel as we have not searched for the same on the platform. However, video is circulated everywhere, and people can find them on various media if they wish to search for their video online.

Almost everyone now knows about the event, and people have left no stone unturned to share the video.

Is the link viral on Twitter?

The video is posted by many users on their accounts on Twitter. There are also comments about the couple based on this heated argument and discussion. It is shameful that such incidents go viral, and these people make fun of themselves in front of the entire world. 

Video viral on Telegram

People have seen the video, but whether it is viral on the Telegram channel or not, we have yet to be aware of that event. Also, people searching for the video are most likely to find them on any platform they wish to see.

Social media links




Michael Clarke is known for his Australian captaincy, and the incident made him stand in the spotlight. He apologised for his behaviour after the footage was revealed on the internet.

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Michael Clarke Video YouTube- FAQs

Q1. Who is Michael Clarke?

A former Australian captain.

Q2. Who is Michael Clarke’s girlfriend?

Jade Yarbrough is his girlfriend.

Q3. Is Michael Clarke married?

Yes, he was previously married to Kyly Clarke for seven years.

Q4. Does Michael have any children?

Yes, he has a daughter named Kelsey Lee from his marriage.

Q5. What happened in the recent incident?

Michael got slapped by his girlfriend for cheating on her.

Q6. Are the allegations true?

We are not completely aware of the matter and cannot comment on the same.

Q7. What is Michael Clarke’s age?

40 years.

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