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Mjkwebsite Com Reviews [June] Is It a Possible Scam?

Mjkwebsite Com Reviews [June] Is It a Possible Scam? -> In this article, you get to know about an online store offering different types of sewing machines and related accessories.

Have you been thinking to try your hand at sewing lately? Check out mjkwebsite.com

The site of a dainty sewing machine used to be a common thing in every household a decade ago. With the advent of more sophisticated devices and the rising trend of ready-made clothes, the simple art of stitching and sewing clothes has been forgotten by many. However, there is still a section of the population that enjoys this craft.

As with everything, with time sewing machines in themselves have been furnished with new features and are being upgraded by technological advances. Many online stores are coming up with new varieties of these machines for the general public. If you want to know about one such store, then read through Mjkwebsite Com Reviews.

Mjkwebsite.com is a newly launched online store dealing in sewing machines in the United States.

What is Mjkwebsite?

It is an online store that offers a wide variety of sewing machines to people at very affordable prices. It provides many kinds of sewing machines like computerized, discontinued, heavy-duty, etc. to the buyers. Besides these, it offers accessories like embroidery designs, hoops, foot control, needles, and much more.       


  • Website type: Online store offering many kinds of home sewing machines and related accessories. https://www.mjkwebsite.com/
  • Email: macarioxcxxax@gmail.com
  • Exchange: Not mentioned
  • Processing time: 2 business days
  • Return: Applicable within ten days of the date of purchase
  • Shipping charge: Free shipping over $39
  • Refund: Applicable.
  • Delivery time: Not mentioned
  • Cancellation of order: Applicable within one hour of placing the order
  • Contact number: 267-907-0213
  • Business address: Not mentioned
  • Modes of payment: McAfee Secure, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover

Do you wish to purchase a sewing machine or any related accessories for yourself? Don’t hurry and read on to know whether this site is legit or not..

Is mjkwebsite legit?

The website raises our concerns regarding its authenticity many times. Firstly, there is no mention of the company address on the site. It is vital information that should be disclosed at all times.

Secondly, most of what is written in the ‘About Us’ page appears to be copied from other websites. It certainly rings alarm bells in our minds. Thirdly, the sewing machines that are offered belong to the popular brand ‘Singer’. It means that the site is using the products of another brand and selling them at half of their prices. Thus, the site loses its credibility due to these reasons in our mind.

Besides, the nearly absent traffic and lack of social media presence further reduce the chances of more information that we could gather about the quality of products that it offers.

 Pros of purchasing products from mjkwebsite.com:

  • Many types of sewing machines available
  • Much discounts and deals are currently being offered on the devices.
  • It offers free shipping over $ 39
  • Order tracking available
  • A variety of payment options available through cards

 Cons of purchasing products from mjkwebsite.com:

  • The site does not provide a COD option.
  • Lack of customer reviews on its products.
  • Content copied from other sites

What people are saying about mjkwebsite.com

As we have already mentioned above, there are no ways for us to find out how their products have fared all over. The recent origin of the website along with the absence of any social media presence as well as customer feedback elsewhere on the internet leaves us clueless about the quality of their products and service.

 Final verdict:

We examined this site from all angles to provide you with an accurate verdict. We can safely conclude by saying that this site is not authentic enough for your transactions. As pointed earlier, several things like the copied content and using a renowned brand’s pictures of sewing machines and claiming it as their own is not at all good indicators of its credibility.

Besides, not only their social media links not work, but they lead us to a completely different page. As regards to the actual machines, the site, although maintains a massive selection of various subcategories, has little to offer in each of them. This is true for the accessories that it sells too.

In the presence of various such indicators described above, our advice to you will be to stay away from this site. Do not trust it with your money.

18 thoughts on “Mjkwebsite Com Reviews [June] Is It a Possible Scam?

  1. on june 6 i purchased a sewing machine. have not yet received it, and was given bogus tracking numbers.
    i just lost 80.00. i should have known better. i think i must cancel my card. i am sick over this. i keep hoping i’m wrong.
    i tried emailing a couple of times but no response. what should i do?

    1. It’s a scam. They just registered the website. $80 for a $200 sewing machine that no one else has? Not even singer. Come on. Dispute with your credit card company. By the way. June 6, is not enough time to get your order by now, if you order from anywhere else it will take longer but this website is a scam.

    2. Did you pay for it through PayPal . If so you can get your money back if you file a claim . I bought a sewing machine from this site and it was sent to an address I didn’t provide .

      1. That happened to me as well . I just contacted paypal
        I hope. Paypal can shut this down .. thank you for. Posting this .
        I was very upset about this.

        1. Thanks for being here, and we would like to inform you, please visit the official site for more information. All teams are available to help you.

    3. Did you pay for it through PayPal . If so you can get your money back if you file a claim . I bought a sewing machine from this site and it was sent to an address I didn’t provide .

    4. I was scammed too I had the same thing happened to me I cancelled my credit card and reported it stolen after wards so I know what you went through it happened to me too and target sponcers these ads they ought to know about it

      1. We are extremely sorry for went wrong with you, but we are trying resolve your issues and happily wants to suggest you visit the official and drop your query over there for best response.

  2. Thank you for all the research and advice, my gut feeling was telling me not purchase anything from this site, (evan though their prices were quite tempting)., But after reading through your research and recommendations, I will not attempt to make any purchases from them. Again, Thank you

  3. This site is indeed a scam. I ordered 2 machines using PayPal the https url was secure but there was no communications whatsoever and of course no machines delivered. Not sure of their intentions as refund was granted by PayPal immediately.

  4. I ordered a brother sewing machine from this website. They sent it to the wrong address! I definitely will not be buying from them again. The website makes it look like a brother company website. I first tried to refund it, but couldn’t get a response. So I waited it out. I saw it finally shipped, only to be sent to Dikinson, Tx. Buyers be warned.

    1. Only an idiot would order from this website. Sewing machine in hot demand due to covid. You can’t get one from a manufacturer under $500 but you think you can get one here half the price.. 😂
      New legit companies pop up all the time but they break their backs to prove they are legit.. I am not going to give ideas for the scammers.

  5. The prices do not match what other sellers have and the phone does not work. I almost tried to purchase then panicked and backed out. I don’t believe this site is authentic.

  6. The machines they show are sold out on most of the real online or on site stores, also I check on one of the machines the regular price is almost 350.00 dollars they offer is 88 dollars is just so obvious it is a scam. Taking advantage of the urge to make the mask for this pademic.

  7. Thanks for the warning. I was this close to ordering. But from years of experience I have learned if the deal is TOO good then it probably isn’t a deal. I tried to find a physical address on their web site and couldn’t. I googled the co and found this page. Thank you.

  8. I ordered a sewing machine on the 12th of June and I paid through pay pal but no email I have sent has been responded to. It was $50 cause it was “on sale” please how can I file a complaint and get my refund???

  9. I did order around March 2020 during the covid times.Never got the machine so I lost 90 bucks.Idid see something similar on another site.I think it’s the same person doing this.

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