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D2R Mosaic Farm Guide: How To Get Mosaic Runeword in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

The Mosaic Runeword is a Diablo II Resurrected runeword that can be created in a three-socketed body armor. It requires the runes Ist, Ber, and Sur. When the runeword is completed, it grants the following bonuses:

  • +5% to Maximum Lightning Resist
  • +5% to Maximum Cold Resist
  • +5% to Maximum Fire Resist
  • +5% to Maximum Poison Resist
  • 10% Damage Taken Goes To Mana
  • -30% to Enemy Lightning Resistance
  • +20 to Energy
  • Regenerate Mana 15%
  • Cannot Be Frozen

The Mosaic Runeword is popular among players who want to increase their resistances, as it provides a significant boost to all four elements. It also grants some useful defensive bonuses, such as damage taken goes to mana and cannot be frozen. Finally, the -30% to enemy lightning resistance can be useful for lightning-based characters who want to deal more damage.

How To Get Mosaic Runeword in D2R

The Mosaic Runeword in Diablo 2 Resurrected (D2R) requires a specific combination of runes and a suitable item. Here’s how to get the Mosaic Runeword in D2R:

  • Obtain the required runes: The Mosaic Runeword requires the following runes: Tal + Ort + Tir. You can find these runes by killing monsters or purchasing them from other players.
  • Find a suitable item: The Mosaic Runeword can be applied to any body armor with four sockets. Look for an item that meets this requirement.
  • Insert the runes into the item: Once you have the runes and the item, you need to insert the runes into the sockets. You can do this by opening the Horadric Cube and placing the item and Diablo 2 runes inside. Then, transmute the cube to create the runeword item.
  • Enjoy the benefits of the Mosaic Runeword: The Mosaic Runeword provides several benefits to your character, including bonuses to resistances and faster hit recovery.

Note: In D2R, runewords are not automatically enabled in single-player mode. To enable runewords in single-player, you need to add the “-direct” command-line parameter when launching the game. Alternatively, you can play in multiplayer mode to automatically enable runewords.

Where to farm Tal rune in D2R?

Tal runes can be obtained in various ways in Diablo 2 Resurrected (D2R), but some of the most common methods to farm them are:

  • Countess Runs: Tal runes can be obtained from the Countess who is located in the Tower Cellar level 5 in the Black Marsh area of Act 1. You can repeatedly kill her and her minions to get the rune. This is a good method for early game players as the Countess is relatively easy to kill.
  • Hellforge Quest: Completing the Hellforge quest in Act 4 can reward you with a high rune, and Tal rune is one of the potential drops. This method requires you to progress through the game until you reach Act 4 and have the quest available.
  • Gambling: Gambling with a Horadric Cube is another way to obtain Tal runes. You can transmute 3 Perfect Gems with a Magic Item to create a rare item, which you can then gamble for a chance at getting the rune. This method is a bit more RNG-based and may require a bit more patience.
  • Trading: Lastly, you can trade with other players for Tal runes if you have valuable items that they want. This method requires some communication and negotiation skills, but it can be a quick way to get the rune if you have the right items to trade.

Overall, the Countess runs are likely the most efficient method for farming Tal runes, especially in the early game.

Where to farm Ort rune in D2R?

The Ort rune is a mid-tier rune in Diablo 2: Resurrected and can be found by killing monsters, opening chests, and breaking containers in various areas of the game. Here are some places where you can try farming for the Ort rune:

  • The Countess in the Forgotten Tower in Act 1: The Countess is a unique monster that drops runes more frequently than other monsters in the game. You can farm her by running through the Forgotten Tower and killing her repeatedly.
  • The Summoner in the Arcane Sanctuary in Act 2: The Summoner is another unique monster that has a higher chance of dropping runes. You can find him in the Arcane Sanctuary and farm him for the Ort rune.
  • The Flayer Jungle in Act 3: The Flayer Jungle is a good farming spot for runes, including the Ort rune. The area is full of monsters and chests that have a chance of dropping runes.
  • The Lower Kurast in Act 3: The Lower Kurast is another great farming spot for runes. You can find plenty of chests and monsters to kill here that can drop the Ort rune.
  • The Chaos Sanctuary in Act 4: The Chaos Sanctuary is a good place to farm for runes, including the Ort rune. The monsters here have a higher chance of dropping runes, and you can also find chests and other containers that may contain the Ort rune.

Remember that rune drops are random, so it may take some time to find the Ort rune through farming.

Where to farm Tir rune in D2R?

Tir rune is a mid-level rune in Diablo 2 Resurrected, and it can be obtained from a variety of sources. Here are a few ways to farm for Tir runes in D2R:

  • Countess runs: The Countess is a boss located in the Forgotten Tower in the Black Marsh area of Act I. She drops runes up to Ist, including Tir. You can run the Countess repeatedly to try to get a Tir rune to drop.
  • Hellforge quest: In Act IV, completing the Hellforge quest can grant you a random rune up to Ist. While the odds of getting a Tir specifically are low, this is a reliable way to obtain mid-level runes.
  • Horadric Cube recipe: The Horadric Cube has a recipe that allows you to transmute three lower-level runes into one higher-level rune. The recipe for Tir runes is three El runes. You can farm El runes from the Countess or other sources and then use this recipe to try to get a Tir.
  • Gambling: In Act V, the gambling vendor Anya can sell items that have a chance to be runewords. You can try to gamble for runeword items that require Tir runes, such as Leaf (Tir+Ral).

Keep in mind that obtaining specific runes in Diablo 2 can be a very time-consuming process, and luck plays a large role. It may take many runs or attempts to get the rune you are looking for.

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