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Myvaccingeorgia Com (Feb 2021) Check The Update Here!

Myvaccingeorgia Com (Feb 2021) Check The Update Here! >> The write-up shares details about the new website for the pre-registration of vaccine shots.

The State of Georgia, United States, launches a new website Myvaccingeorgia com where eligible residents can register for vaccine shots. The new website is under maintenance as of now, and people can’t access is functions presently. 

However, Gov. Brian Kemp claims that the website launched for vaccine registration would ease the process and help all residents register to get the shots to prevent the spreading of the COVID-19 virus. 

The website is launched to help all eligible residents of Phase-1A sign-up and get the vaccination shots at the state-supported vaccination centers. So, eligible residents can now go and pre-register for the immunization online. 

What is the Myvaccingeorgia com?

Myvaccinegeorgia.com is the official website launched by Gov. Brian Kemp to help Georgia’s eligible residents register for the COVID-19 vaccination. The website was registered only 12 days ago, and hence it is in a maintenance state for now. Residents eligible for Phase-1A COVID-19 Vaccine can now pre-register for the vaccination online directly from the official website. 

However, residents must understand that Myvaccingeorgia.com is just the searchable term as the official website is Myvaccinegeorgia.com. 

Even the non-eligible residents can pre-register at the website to get updates and notifications on email and know when to get the vaccine. Eligible residents can register for the vaccine shot and make an appointment at any state-supported vaccination sites across Georgia, United States.

Since Myvaccingeorgia com is in a maintenance state, residents can’t access the application form online.   

Who are on the Priority List of Vaccination?

Residents on the priority list include the people over the age of 65, residents and staff on long-term care facilities, caregivers, law enforcement, EMS, firefighters, healthcare workers, and 911 operators. 

  • High-risk front-line workers and healthcare workers
  • Adults above 65 years
  • First responders and residents of long term care facilities   

These people are on the priority list, and they would get the appointment beforehand and vaccination on a priority basis. They are required to visit Myvaccingeorgia com for pre-registration for the vaccine.  

How to Register at the Website for Vaccination?

You have to complete a few simple steps to sign-up and pre-register for the vaccination at any of the four vaccination centers across Georgia. 

  • Go to the official website Myvaccinegeorgia.com 
  • Share your necessary details like name, age, and address to sign-up and pre-register 
  • A notification email will be sent at your registered email ID within 24-48 hours of registration
  • The email contains details of the appointment schedule 
  • Residents are required to register for the vaccine and confirm their appointment at the eligible vaccination center
  • Residents need to download the appointment on their mobile as it comprises a QR code that needs to be produced at the vaccination site 


All states are putting all their efforts into making the nation Coronavirus-free. It is an attempt by the officials to make immunization hassle-free. Residents can now register and schedule an appointment for vaccination at a state-supported vaccination center via Myvaccingeorgia com

Please note, the website was recently launched, and it is in a maintenance state as of now. You have to wait until it is up for accepting registration. 

Are you an eligible resident for pre-registration on the website? Please share your views in the comment section.

12 thoughts on “Myvaccingeorgia Com (Feb 2021) Check The Update Here!

  1. I want to pre-register for an appointment for vaccingeorgia .I am 77yrs old my name is Barbara Williams my zip code 30236

  2. I am 55 years old already got Covid and was down to a 5-10% chance of living somehow i made it. I also have other breathing issues besides that why are people like me not included in the priority group!!!! If I get it again I most certainly will probably die!!

  3. THANKS to Gov. Kemp for FINALLY including Georgia’s educators / school personnel in the eligible category!!!!!!

  4. I am 72 years old with numerous health issues. I have tried to maneuver all these web sites, but I find them lmpossible.

  5. I’m 53 years old and I have congestive heart failure, I’ve had triple bypass twice and I have 17 stents and a defibrillator. I’m a diabetic, I have also had carotid artery bypass on my left side. I lost my dad in September because of Covid, he fought for 33 days to stay alive until he got pneumonia on top of having to take dialysis. I tried everything to keep him alive but he couldn’t fight it any longer. I know that he was trying to stay alive for me because he knew that my heart was bad and he knew if he passed it would break me down really bad because I had already lost my mom years ago because of complications from diabetes. I can’t believe that our so called governor put teachers ahead of someone like me that hasn’t been out of the house just to go to the doctor. It really gets hard sometimes because I look around knowing that I can’t even go to the grocery store because I wear my mask but I can’t make everyone else wear one to protect me! I have even walked out of my doctor’s office because of people taking with their mask pulled down on their chin. I think other people should should stand up to our governor and tell him that we don’t appreciate being put on the back burner because he wants teachers to get what they want!!!!! We are sick, but we are humans too! God bless everyone who reads this and I hope it makes you stand up for what is right in this world, I feel like I am getting out on the back burner like I don’t have a right because I’m disabled and the teachers have more rights than I do and I should have gotten my shot before them. I wouldn’t live if I got coronavirus, they may get sick and miss work but I would DIE!!!!!!!!!! MR. KEMP, DO YOU CARE??? GOD BLESS.

  6. I think I am registered for the 1st dose of vaccine March 1 at 12:00, but I have not received a confirmation.
    Delta in Hapevile is where I chose. My birthdate is 07/26/1952. Will I get a confirmation?

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